Koshimizu was suspicious of the accidental death of three colleagues at his former employee (one is disease death, one is accident death, the last one is disappearance).He accused the two powers which are joint Unification Church and Soka Gakkai of the insurance money murder to the Metropolitan Police.
At the same time, he disclosed his boss’s face photographs and real names on Internet.
However, the police didn’t approve his accusation.
Koshimizu said that this is the his start point as a journalist.

His boss recommended Koshimizu to receive the disability allowance as a “dismissal of mental disease” and prepared the apprication form but he thought it was also a part of the plan of the terrorist attacks of Soka’s assassination.

 Regarding the problem of Aum Shinrikyo and North Korea, he pointed out the existence of “Jews financial capital power” and “stealth Jewish people”.
He is also insisting and critisizing that there are North Korea and Jews financial capital power behind Soka Gakkai and Unification Church.He quickly concluded that it is an inside job by Jews financial capital power once the simultaneous terror attacks happened on 11th Sep 2001, then he spreaded his opinion on a bulletin board.
In particular, regarding the collapse of the World Trade Center Building, he is insisting that the small nuclear weapons equipped with “pure hydrogen bomb” were used.
 He is supporing to Cold Fusion as an actually available energy source.
He concludes the Apollo project is fabricated.

The Tohoku District Pacific Offshore Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 caused the Rock Feller Foundation’s life to bring the Japanese submarine geological research vessel “Chikyu” to the seabed 20
Although it has claimed that it is an artificial earthquake that digs a hole of kilometers and carried out an active fault explosion, it has not yet reached the identification of that recipient. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power
Regarding the explosion of a power plant accident, there is not a hydrogen explosion as generally believed, but a small plutonium bomb (atomic bomb) or pure hydrogen bomb
Suggesting the possibility of using it.
We hold lectures in all over the country and boast tens of thousands of viewing videos uploading the patterns to Youtube and others. In 2007, his own association
He formed “Independent Party” himself. According to his own announcement, in addition to the member-based members and support members of the membership system, it forms hundreds to tens of thousands of fans and watchers nationwide
It is classified as being a members of heart.
The reason why he uses the pen name of “Richard · Koshimizu” is because real name “Tadashi” is difficult for foreigners to pronounce. “Richard”
When he was assigned to Southeast Asia, he said he used it because he liked it since he was called by the local people. [3]