HSK Level Word Pronunciation Definition
3 阿姨 a1 yi2 maternal aunt; step-mother; childcare worker; nursemaid; woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child); CL:個/个[ge4]
3 a5 modal particle ending sentence, showing affirmation, approval, or consent
5 ai1 interjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!); to sigh
6 哎哟 ai1 yo1 hey; ow; ouch; interjection of pain or surprise
6 ai2 to suffer from; to endure; to tide over (a difficult period); to delay
6 癌症 ai2 zheng4 cancer
3 ai3 low; short (in length)
1 ai4 to love; affection; to be fond of; to like
6 爱不释手 ai4 bu4 shi4 shou3 to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly
6 爱戴 ai4 dai4 to love and respect; love and respect
3 爱好 ai4 hao4 to like; to take pleasure in; keen on; fond of; interest; hobby; appetite for; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 爱护 ai4 hu4 to cherish; to treasure; to take care of; to love and protect
6 暧昧 ai4 mei4 vague; ambiguous; equivocal; dubious
4 爱情 ai4 qing2 romance; love (romantic); CL:個/个[ge4]
5 爱惜 ai4 xi1 to cherish; to treasure; to use sparingly
5 爱心 ai4 xin1 compassion; CL:片[pian4]
3 安静 an1 jing4 quiet; peaceful; calm
6 安居乐业 an1 ju1 le4 ye4 live in peace and work happily (idiom)
6 安宁 an1 ning2 peaceful; tranquil; calm; composed
4 安排 an1 pai2 to arrange; to plan; to set up
4 安全 an1 quan2 safe; secure; safety; security
5 安慰 an1 wei4 to comfort; to console; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 安详 an1 xiang2 serene
6 安置 an1 zhi4 find a place for; help settle down; arrange for; to get into bed; placement
5 安装 an1 zhuang1 install; erect; fix; mount; installation
5 an4 bank; shore; beach; coast; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 an4 dark; gloomy; hidden; secret; muddled; obscure; in the dark
6 案件 an4 jian4 law case; legal case; judicial case; CL:宗[zong1],樁/桩[zhuang1],起[qi3]
6 案例 an4 li4 case (law); CL:個/个[ge4]
6 按摩 an4 mo2 massage
4 按时 an4 shi2 on time; before deadline; on schedule
6 暗示 an4 shi4 to hint; to suggest; suggestion; a hint
4 按照 an4 zhao4 according to; in accordance with; in the light of; on the basis of
6 昂贵 ang2 gui4 expensive; costly
6 凹凸 ao1 tu1 bumpy; uneven; slotted and tabbed joint; crenelation
6 ao2 (of cooking) to boil for a long time; to endure; to suffer
6 奥秘 ao4 mi4 profound; deep; a mystery
1 ba1 eight; 8
6 ba1 to hold on to; to cling to; to dig up; to rake; to push aside; to climb; to pull out; to strip off
6 ba1 scar
6 巴不得 ba1 bu4 de2 to be eager for; to long for; to look forward to
6 巴结 ba1 jie5 to fawn on; to curry favor with; to make up to
6 拔苗助长 ba2 miao2 zhu4 zhang3 to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom)
3 ba3 to hold; to contain; to grasp; to take hold of; a handle; particle marking the following noun as a direct object; classifier for objects with handle
6 把关 ba3 guan1 to guard a pass; to check on sth
6 把手 ba3 shou3 handle; grip; knob
5 把握 ba3 wo4 to grasp (also fig.); to seize; to hold; assurance; certainty; sure (of the outcome)
6 把戏 ba3 xi4 acrobatics; jugglery; cheap trick; game
1 爸爸 ba4 ba5 (informal) father; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4]
6 霸道 ba4 dao4 the Way of the Hegemon, abbr. of 霸王之道; despotic rule; rule by might; evil as opposed to the Way of the King 王道; overbearing; tyranny; (of liquor, medicine etc) strong; potent
6 罢工 ba4 gong1 a strike; to go on strike
2 ba5 (modal particle indicating polite suggestion); …right?; …OK?
6 bai1 to break with both hands
2 bai2 white; snowy; pure; bright; empty; blank; plain; clear; to make clear; in vain; gratuitous; free of charge; reactionary; anti-communist; funeral; to stare coldly; to write wrong character; to state; to explain; vernacular; spoken lines in opera; surname Bai
5 bai3 to arrange; to exhibit; to move to and fro; a pendulum
2 bai3 hundred; numerous; all kinds of; surname Bai
6 百分点 bai3 fen1 dian3 percentage point
6 摆脱 bai3 tuo1 to break away from; to cast off (old ideas etc); to get rid of; to break away (from); to break out (of); to free oneself from; to extricate oneself
6 拜访 bai4 fang3 pay a visit; call on
6 败坏 bai4 huai4 to ruin; to corrupt; to undermine
6 拜年 bai4 nian2 pay a New Year call; wish sb a Happy New Year
6 拜托 bai4 tuo1 request sb to do sth; please!
3 ban1 to move; to shift; to remove; to transport; to apply indiscriminately; to copy mechanically
3 ban1 team; class; squad; work shift; classifier for groups; ranking; surname Ban; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 颁布 ban1 bu4 to issue; to proclaim; to enact (laws, decrees etc)
6 颁发 ban1 fa1 issue; promulgate; award
6 斑纹 ban1 wen2 stripe; streak
5 班主任 ban1 zhu3 ren4 a teacher in charge of a class
6 版本 ban3 ben3 version; edition; release
3 ban4 half; semi-; incomplete; (after a number) and a half
3 办法 ban4 fa3 means; method; way (of doing sth); CL:條/条[tiao2],個/个[ge4]
3 办公室 ban4 gong1 shi4 an office; business premises; a bureau; CL:間/间[jian1]
5 办理 ban4 li3 to handle; to transact; to conduct
6 伴侣 ban4 lv3 companion; mate; partner
6 伴随 ban4 sui2 to accompany; to follow; to occur together with; attendant
6 半途而废 ban4 tu2 er2 fei4 to give up halfway (idiom); leave sth unfinished
6 扮演 ban4 yan3 play the part of; act
3 帮忙 bang1 mang2 to help; to lend a hand; to do a favor; to do a good turn
2 帮助 bang1 zhu4 assistance; aid; to help; to assist
6 绑架 bang3 jia4 to kidnap; to abduct; to hijack; a kidnapping; abduction; staking
6 榜样 bang3 yang4 example; model; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 bang4 a stick; club or cudgel; smart; capable; strong; wonderful; classifier for legs of a relay race
6 bang4 see 磅秤 scale; platform balance; pound (unit of weight, about 454 grams)
5 傍晚 bang4 wan3 in the evening; when night falls; towards evening; at night fall; at dusk
3 bao1 to cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; to contract (to or for); surname Bao; CL:個/个[ge4],隻/只[zhi1]
6 包庇 bao1 bi4 shield; harbor; cover up
6 包袱 bao1 fu5 cloth-wrapper; a bundle wrapped in cloth; load; weight; burden
5 包裹 bao1 guo3 wrap up; bind up; bundle; parcel; package; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 包含 bao1 han2 to contain; to embody; to include
4 包括 bao1 kuo4 to comprise; to include; to involve; to incorporate; to consist of
6 包围 bao1 wei2 to surround; to encircle; to hem in
6 包装 bao1 zhuang1 pack; package
5 包子 bao1 zi5 steamed stuffed bun; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 bao2 thin; cold in manner; indifferent; weak; light; infertile
3 bao3 to eat till full; satisfied
5 宝贝 bao3 bei4 treasured object; treasure; darling; baby; cowry; good-for-nothing or queer character
5 保持 bao3 chi2 to keep; to maintain; to hold; to preserve
5 保存 bao3 cun2 to conserve; to preserve; to keep; to save (a file etc) (computing)
6 保管 bao3 guan3 to assure; to guarantee; to take care of; to safeguard; certainly; surely
5 宝贵 bao3 gui4 valuable; precious; value; treasure; set store by
6 饱和 bao3 he2 saturation
4 保护 bao3 hu4 to protect; to defend; to safeguard; protection; CL:種/种[zhong3]
6 饱经沧桑 bao3 jing1 cang1 sang1 having lived through many changes
5 保留 bao3 liu2 to retain; to continue to have; to preserve; to maintain; to reserve; reservations; to hold back (approval or acceptance)
6 保密 bao3 mi4 to keep sth confidential; to maintain secrecy
6 保姆 bao3 mu3 nanny; housekeeper
6 保守 bao3 shou3 (politically) conservative; to guard; to keep
6 保卫 bao3 wei4 to defend; to safeguard
5 保险 bao3 xian3 insurance; to insure; safe; secure; be sure; be bound to; CL:份[fen4]
6 保养 bao3 yang3 to take good care of (or conserve) one's health; to keep in good repair; to maintain; maintenance
6 保障 bao3 zhang4 to ensure; to guarantee; to safeguard
4 保证 bao3 zheng4 guarantee; to guarantee; to ensure; to safeguard; to pledge; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 保重 bao3 zhong4 take care of oneself
4 bao4 to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug or embrace; surround; cherish
6 报仇 bao4 chou2 to revenge (oneself); to avenge
6 报酬 bao4 chou5 reward; remuneration
6 报答 bao4 da2 to repay; to requite
6 报到 bao4 dao4 report for duty; check in; register
4 报道 bao4 dao4 report; CL:篇[pian1],份[fen4]
6 爆发 bao4 fa1 to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out
6 报复 bao4 fu4 to make reprisals; to retaliate; revenge; retaliation
6 抱负 bao4 fu4 aspiration; ambition
5 报告 bao4 gao4 to inform; report; make known; speech; talk; lecture; CL:篇[pian1],份[fen4],個/个[ge4],通[tong4]
6 曝光 bao4 guang1 exposure (e.g. of photosensitive material); to expose (a scandal to the public)
6 暴力 bao4 li4 violence; (use) force; violent
6 暴露 bao4 lu4 to expose; to reveal; to lay bare
4 报名 bao4 ming2 to sign up; to enter one's name; to apply; to register; to enroll; to enlist
4 抱歉 bao4 qian4 sorry; We apologize!; to feel apologetic; to regret
6 报社 bao4 she4 general office of a newspaper; newspaper office; CL:家[jia1]
6 报销 bao4 xiao1 submit an expense account; apply for reimbursement; write-off; wipe out
6 抱怨 bao4 yuan4 to complain; to grumble
6 爆炸 bao4 zha4 explosion; to explode; to blow up; to detonate
2 报纸 bao4 zhi3 newspaper; newsprint; CL:份[fen4],期[qi1],張/张[zhang1]
6 悲哀 bei1 ai1 grieved; sorrowful
6 卑鄙 bei1 bi3 base; mean; contemptible; despicable
6 悲惨 bei1 can3 miserable; tragic
5 悲观 bei1 guan1 pessimistic
1 杯子 bei1 zi5 cup; glass; CL:個/个[ge4],支[zhi1],枝[zhi1]
3 北方 bei3 fang1 north; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River
6 北极 bei3 ji2 the North Pole; the Arctic Pole; the north magnetic pole
1 北京 Bei3 jing1 Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China; Peking; PRC government
5 bei4 (two, three etc) -fold; times (multiplier); double; to increase or multiply
4 bei4 by (indicates passive-voice sentences or clauses); quilt; to cover (literary)
3 bei4 the back of a body or object; to turn one's back; to hide something from; to learn by heart; to recite from memory
6 被动 bei4 dong4 passive
6 备份 bei4 fen4 backup
6 被告 bei4 gao4 defendant
5 背景 bei4 jing3 background; backdrop; context; CL:種/种[zhong3]
6 贝壳 bei4 ke2 shell; conch; cowry; mother of pearl; hard outer skin; alternative reading bei4 qiao4, mostly written
6 背叛 bei4 pan4 to betray
6 背诵 bei4 song4 recite; repeat from memory
6 备忘录 bei4 wang4 lu4 memorandum; aide-memoire; memorandum book
5 被子 bei4 zi5 quilt; CL:床[chuang2]
6 奔波 ben1 bo1 rush about; be busy running about
6 奔驰 ben1 chi2 to run quickly; to travel quickly; to move fast; Mercedes-Benz, German car make
1 ben3 roots or stems of plants; origin; source; this; the current; root; foundation; basis; classifier for books, periodicals, files etc; originally
5 本科 ben3 ke1 undergraduate course; undergraduate (adjective)
4 本来 ben3 lai2 original; originally; at first; it goes without saying; of course
5 本领 ben3 ling3 skill; ability; capability; CL:項/项[xiang4],個/个[ge4]
6 本能 ben3 neng2 instinct
6 本钱 ben3 qian2 capital
6 本人 ben3 ren2 the person himself; I (humble form used in speeches); oneself; myself; in person; personal
6 本身 ben3 shen1 itself; in itself; per se
6 本事 ben3 shi5 ability; skill; source material; original story
6 本着 ben3 zhe5 based on…; in conformance with..; taking as one's main principle
5 本质 ben3 zhi4 essence; nature; innate character; intrinsic quality
4 ben4 stupid; foolish; silly; slow-witted; clumsy
6 笨拙 ben4 zhuo1 clumsy; awkward; stupid
6 崩溃 beng1 kui4 to collapse; to crumble; to fall apart
6 beng2 need not; (contraction of 不 and 用)
6 beng4 to jump; to bounce; to hop
6 迸发 beng4 fa1 to burst out; to gush; to spurt
6 逼迫 bi1 po4 to force; to compel; to coerce
6 鼻涕 bi2 ti4 nasal mucus; snivel
3 鼻子 bi2 zi5 nose; CL:個/个[ge4],隻/只[zhi1]
2 bi3 (particle used for comparison and “-er than”); to compare; to contrast; to gesture (with hands); ratio
5 彼此 bi3 ci3 each other; one another
6 比方 bi3 fang5 analogy; instance
4 笔记本 bi3 ji4 ben3 notebook; CL:本[ben3]
3 比较 bi3 jiao4 compare; contrast; fairly; comparatively; relatively; quite; rather
5 比例 bi3 li4 proportion; scale
5 比如 bi3 ru2 for example; for instance; such as
3 比赛 bi3 sai4 competition (sports etc); match; CL:場/场[chang3],次[ci4]
6 比喻 bi3 yu4 metaphor; analogy; figure of speech; figuratively
6 比重 bi3 zhong4 proportion; specific gravity
6 bi4 arm
6 弊病 bi4 bing4 malady; evil; malpractice; drawback; disadvantage
6 必定 bi4 ding4 be bound to; be sure to
6 弊端 bi4 duan1 malpractice; abuse; corrupt practice
5 毕竟 bi4 jing4 after all; all in all; when all is said and done; in the final analysis
5 避免 bi4 mian3 to avert; to prevent; to avoid; to refrain from
5 必然 bi4 ran2 inevitable; certain; necessity
6 闭塞 bi4 se4 stop up; close up; hard to get to; out of the way; inaccessible; unenlightened; blocking
5 必需 bi4 xu1 to need; to require; essential; indispensable
3 必须 bi4 xu1 to have to; must; compulsory; necessarily
5 必要 bi4 yao4 necessary; essential; indispensable; required
4 毕业 bi4 ye4 graduation; to graduate; to finish school
6 碧玉 bi4 yu4 jasper
6 鞭策 bian1 ce4 to spur on; to urge on; to encourage sb (e.g. to make progress)
5 编辑 bian1 ji2 to edit; to compile; editor; compiler
6 边疆 bian1 jiang1 border area; borderland; frontier; frontier region
6 边界 bian1 jie4 boundary; border
6 边境 bian1 jing4 frontier; border
5 鞭炮 bian1 pao4 firecrackers; a string of small firecrackers; CL:枚[mei2]
6 边缘 bian1 yuan2 edge; fringe; verge; brink; periphery; marginal; borderline
6 编织 bian1 zhi1 to weave; to knit; to plait; to braid
6 bian3 flat; (old form of character 匾, horizontal tablet with inscription)
6 贬低 bian3 di1 to belittle; to disparage; to play down; to demean; to degrade; to devalue
6 贬义 bian3 yi4 derogatory sense; negative connotation
5 便 bian4 ordinary; plain; convenient; as convenient; when the chance arises; handy; easy; informal; simple; so; thus; to relieve oneself; to urinate; to defecate; equivalent to 就: then; in that case; even if; soon afterwards
4 bian4 a time; everywhere; turn; all over; one time
6 遍布 bian4 bu4 to cover the whole (area); to be found throughout
6 变故 bian4 gu4 an unforeseen event; accident; misfortune
6 辩护 bian4 hu4 to speak in defense of; to argue in favor of; to defend; to plead
3 变化 bian4 hua4 change; variation; to change; to vary; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 辩解 bian4 jie3 to explain; to justify; to defend (a point of view etc); to provide an explanation; to try to defend oneself
6 便利 bian4 li4 convenient; easy; facilitate
5 辩论 bian4 lun4 debate; argument; to argue over; CL:場/场[chang3],次[ci4]
6 变迁 bian4 qian1 changes; vicissitudes
6 辨认 bian4 ren4 to recognize; to identify
6 便条 bian4 tiao2 (informal) note; CL:張/张[zhang1],個/个[ge4]
6 便于 bian4 yu2 easy to; convenient for
6 辩证 bian4 zheng4 investigate; dialectical
6 变质 bian4 zhi4 to degenerate; to go bad; to deteriorate; metamorphosis
6 辫子 bian4 zi5 plait; braid; pigtail; a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent; handle; CL:根[gen1],條/条[tiao2]
6 标本 biao1 ben3 specimen; sample; the root cause and symptoms of a disease
5 标点 biao1 dian3 punctuation; a punctuation mark; to punctuate; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 标记 biao1 ji4 sign; mark; symbol; to mark up
6 飙升 biao1 sheng1 to rise rapidly; to soar
6 标题 biao1 ti2 title; heading; headline; caption; subject
5 标志 biao1 zhi4 sign; mark; symbol; symbolize; to indicate; to mark
4 标准 biao1 zhun3 (an official) standard; norm; criterion; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 表达 biao3 da2 to voice (an opinion); to express; to convey
4 表格 biao3 ge2 form; table; CL:張/张[zhang1],份[fen4]
6 表决 biao3 jue2 decide by vote; vote
5 表面 biao3 mian4 surface; face; outside; appearance
5 表明 biao3 ming2 to make clear; to make known; to state clearly; to indicate; known
5 表情 biao3 qing2 (facial) expression; to express one's feelings; expression
3 表示 biao3 shi4 to express; to show; to say; to state; to indicate; to mean
6 表态 biao3 tai4 to declare one's position; to say where one stands
5 表现 biao3 xian4 to show; to show off; to display; to manifest; expression; manifestation; show; display; performance (at work etc)
3 表演 biao3 yan3 play; show; performance; exhibition; to perform; to act; to demonstrate; CL:場/场[chang3]
4 表扬 biao3 yang2 to praise; to commend
6 表彰 biao3 zhang1 cite (in dispatches); commend
6 bie1 to choke; to stifle; to restrain; to hold back; to hold in (urine); to hold (one's breath)
2 bie2 to leave; to depart; to separate; to distinguish; to classify; other; another; do not; must not; to pin
6 别人 bie2 ren5 other people; others; other person
6 别墅 bie2 shu4 villa; CL:幢[zhuang4],座[zuo4]
6 别致 bie2 zhi4 unusual; unique
6 别扭 bie4 niu5 awkward; difficult; uncomfortable; not agreeing; at loggerheads; gauche; awkward (writing or speech)
3 宾馆 bin1 guan3 guesthouse; CL:個/个[ge4],家[jia1]
6 濒临 bin1 lin2 on the verge of; close to
6 冰雹 bing1 bao2 hail; hailstone; CL:場/场[chang2],粒[li4]
3 冰箱 bing1 xiang1 icebox; freezer cabinet; refrigerator; CL:臺/台[tai2],個/个[ge4]
5 bing3 third of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; third in order; letter “C” or roman “III” in list “A, B, C”, or “I, II, III” etc; propyl
4 饼干 bing3 gan1 biscuit; cracker; cookie; CL:片[pian4],塊/块[kuai4]
6 并存 bing4 cun2 to exist at the same time; to coexist
5 病毒 bing4 du2 virus
6 并非 bing4 fei1 really isn't
6 并列 bing4 lie4 to stand side by side; to be juxtaposed
4 并且 bing4 qie3 and; besides; moreover; furthermore; in addition
6 拨打 bo1 da3 to call; to dial
6 播放 bo1 fang4 to broadcast; to transmit
6 波浪 bo1 lang4 wave
5 玻璃 bo1 li5 glass; nylon; plastic; CL:張/张[zhang1],塊/块[kuai4]
6 波涛汹涌 bo1 tao1 xiong1 yong3 tumultuous situations
6 剥削 bo1 xue1 to exploit; exploitation
6 播种 bo1 zhong4 to sow seeds; sowing; seed
6 博大精深 bo2 da4 jing1 shen1 wide-ranging and profound; broad and deep
6 搏斗 bo2 dou4 to wrestle; to fight; to struggle
6 博览会 bo2 lan3 hui4 exposition; international fair
6 伯母 bo2 mu3 wife of father's elder brother; aunt; (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother); CL:個/个[ge4]
6 薄弱 bo2 ruo4 weak; frail
4 博士 bo2 shi4 doctor; court academician (in feudal China); Ph.D.
5 博物馆 bo2 wu4 guan3 museum
5 脖子 bo2 zi5 neck; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 补偿 bu3 chang2 compensate; make up
5 补充 bu3 chong1 to replenish; to supplement; to complement; additional; supplementary; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 补救 bu3 jiu4 remedy
6 哺乳 bu3 ru3 breast feeding; to suckle; to nurse
6 补贴 bu3 tie1 to subsidize; subsidy; allowance
6 捕捉 bu3 zhuo1 to catch; to seize; to capture
1 bu4 (negative prefix); not; no
5 bu4 cloth; to declare; to announce; to spread; to make known
5 不安 bu4 an1 unpeaceful; unstable; uneasy; disturbed; restless; worried
5 不必 bu2 bi4 need not; does not have to
4 不但 bu2 dan4 not only (… but also…)
4 不得不 bu4 de2 bu4 have no choice or option but to; cannot but; have to; can't help it; can't avoid
5 不得了 bu4 de2 liao3 desperately serious; disastrous; extremely; exceedingly
6 不得已 bu4 de2 yi3 act against one's will; have no alternative but to; have to; to have no choice; must
5 不断 bu2 duan4 unceasing; uninterrupted; continuous; constant
6 步伐 bu4 fa2 pace; (measured) step; march
6 不妨 bu4 fang2 there is no harm in; might as well
5 部分 bu4 fen5 part; share; section; piece; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 不敢当 bu4 gan3 dang1 lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise; you flatter me
6 布告 bu4 gao4 posting on a bulletin board; notice; bulletin; to announce
6 不顾 bu2 gu4 in spite of; regardless of
4 不管 bu4 guan3 no matter (what, how); regardless of; no matter
4 不过 bu2 guo4 only; merely; no more than; but; however; anyway (to get back to a previous topic)
5 不好意思 bu4 hao3 yi4 si5 to feel embarrassed; to be ill at ease; to find it embarrassing (to do sth)
5 不见得 bu2 jian4 de5 not necessarily; not likely
6 不禁 bu4 jin1 can't help (doing sth); can't refrain from
4 不仅 bu4 jin3 not only (this one); not just (…) but also
6 布局 bu4 ju2 arrangement; composition; layout; opening (chess jargon)
6 不堪 bu4 kan1 cannot bear; cannot stand; utterly; extremely
6 不可思议 bu4 ke3 si1 yi4 inconceivable (idiom); unimaginable; unfathomable
1 不客气 bu2 ke4 qi5 you're welcome; impolite; rude; blunt; don't mention it
6 不愧 bu2 kui4 be worthy of; deserve to be called; prove oneself to be
6 不料 bu2 liao4 unexpectedly; to one's surprise
5 部门 bu4 men2 department; branch; section; division; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 不免 bu4 mian3 unavoidable
5 不耐烦 bu2 nai4 fan2 impatience; impatient
5 不然 bu4 ran2 not so; no; or else; otherwise; if not
5 不如 bu4 ru2 not equal to; not as good as; inferior to; it would be better to
6 不时 bu4 shi2 frequently; often; at any time
6 部署 bu4 shu3 to dispose; to deploy; deployment
6 部位 bu4 wei4 position; place
6 不惜 bu4 xi1 not stint; not spare; not hesitate (to do sth); not scruple (to do sth)
6 不相上下 bu4 xiang1 shang4 xia4 equally matched; about the same
6 不像话 bu2 xiang4 hua4 unreasonable; shocking; outrageous
6 不屑一顾 bu2 xie4 yi1 gu4 to disdain as beneath contempt
6 不言而喻 bu4 yan2 er2 yu4 it goes without saying; it is self-evident
5 不要紧 bu2 yao4 jin3 unimportant; not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind; it looks all right; but
6 不由得 bu4 you2 de5 can't help; cannot but
6 不择手段 bu4 ze2 shou3 duan4 by fair means or foul; by hook or by crook; unscrupulously
6 不止 bu4 zhi3 incessantly; without end; more than; not limited to
6 布置 bu4 zhi4 to put in order; to arrange; to decorate; to fix up; to deploy
5 步骤 bu4 zhou4 step; move; measure
5 不足 bu4 zu2 insufficient; lacking; deficiency; not enough; inadequate; not worth; cannot; should not
4 ca1 to wipe; to erase; rubbing (brush stroke in painting); to clean; to polish
4 cai1 to guess
3 cai2 ability; talent; endowment; gift; an expert; only (then); only if; just
5 财产 cai2 chan3 property; CL:筆/笔[bi3]
6 裁缝 cai2 feng5 tailor; dressmaker
6 财富 cai2 fu4 wealth; riches
6 才干 cai2 gan4 ability; competence
4 材料 cai2 liao4 material; data; makings; stuff; CL:個/个[ge4],種/种[zhong3]
6 裁判 cai2 pan4 judgment; to referee; umpire; judge; referee; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
6 财务 cai2 wu4 financial affairs
6 裁员 cai2 yuan2 to cut staff; to lay off employees
6 财政 cai2 zheng4 finances (public); financial
5 cai3 to step on; to tread; to stamp; to press a pedal; to pedal (a bike)
5 采访 cai3 fang3 to interview; to gather news; to hunt for and collect; to cover
6 采购 cai3 gou4 to procure (for an enterprise etc); to purchase
5 彩虹 cai3 hong2 rainbow
6 采集 cai3 ji2 to gather; to collect; to harvest
6 采纳 cai3 na4 to accept; to adopt
6 彩票 cai3 piao4 the lottery; lottery ticket
5 采取 cai3 qu3 to adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action); to take
1 cai4 dish (type of food); vegetables; vegetable; cuisine; CL:盤/盘[pan2],道[dao4]
3 菜单 cai4 dan1 menu; CL:份[fen4],張/张[zhang1]
4 参观 can1 guan1 to look around; to inspect; visit and observe
3 参加 can1 jia1 to participate; to take part; to join
5 参考 can1 kao3 consultation; reference; to consult; to refer
6 参谋 can1 mou2 staff officer; give advice
5 餐厅 can1 ting1 dining-hall; dining-room; restaurant; CL:間/间[jian1],家[jia1]
5 参与 can1 yu4 to participate (in sth)
6 参照 can1 zhao4 to consult a reference; to refer to (another document)
5 残疾 can2 ji2 disabled; handicapped; deformity on a person or animal
6 残酷 can2 ku4 cruel; cruelty
5 惭愧 can2 kui4 ashamed
6 残留 can2 liu2 to remain; left over; surplus; remnant
6 残忍 can2 ren3 cruel; mean; merciless; ruthless
6 灿烂 can4 lan4 to glitter; brilliant; splendid
6 cang1 cabin; the hold of a ship or airplane
6 苍白 cang1 bai2 pale; wan
6 仓促 cang1 cu4 all of a sudden; hurriedly
6 仓库 cang1 ku4 depot; storehouse; warehouse
5 操场 cao1 chang3 playground; sports field; drill ground; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 操劳 cao1 lao2 to work hard; to look after
6 操练 cao1 lian4 drill; practice
5 操心 cao1 xin1 to worry about
6 操纵 cao1 zong4 to operate; to control; to rig; to manipulate
6 操作 cao1 zuo4 to work; to operate; to manipulate
6 嘈杂 cao2 za2 noisy; clamorous
3 cao3 grass; straw; manuscript; draft (of a document); careless; rough; CL:棵[ke1],撮[zuo3],株[zhu1],根[gen1]
6 草案 cao3 an4 draft (legislation, proposal etc)
6 草率 cao3 shuai4 careless; negligent; sloppy; not serious
5 ce4 book; booklet; classifier for books
6 策划 ce4 hua4 to plot; to scheme; to bring about; to engineer; planning; producer; planner
6 测量 ce4 liang2 survey; to measure; to gauge; to determine
6 策略 ce4 lve4 tactics; to be tactful
6 侧面 ce4 mian4 lateral side; side; aspect; profile
5 厕所 ce4 suo3 toilet; lavatory; CL:間/间[jian1],處/处[chu4]
5 测验 ce4 yan4 test; to test; CL:次[ci4],個/个[ge4]
3 ceng2 layer; stratum; laminated; floor (of a building); storey; classifier for layers; repeated; sheaf (math.)
6 层出不穷 ceng2 chu1 bu4 qiong2 more and more emerge; innumerable succession; breeding like flies (idiom)
6 层次 ceng2 ci4 arrangement of ideas; administrative level; level; stage; phase
5 曾经 ceng2 jing1 once; already; former; previously; ever; (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
5 cha1 to insert; stick in; pierce; to take part in; to interfere; to interpose
5 差别 cha1 bie2 difference; distinction; diversity; disparity
6 差距 cha1 ju4 disparity; gap
5 叉子 cha1 zi5 fork; CL:把[ba3]
1 cha2 tea; tea plant; CL:杯[bei1],壺/壶[hu2]
6 查获 cha2 huo4 to investigate and capture (a criminal); to ferret out; to hunt down and arrest
6 cha4 fork in road; bifurcation; branch in road, river, mountain range etc; to branch off; to turn off; to diverge; to stray (from the path); to change the subject; to interrupt; to stagger (times)
3 cha4 differ from; short of; to lack; poor
4 差不多 cha4 bu5 duo1 almost; nearly; more or less
6 刹那 cha4 na4 an instant (Sanskrit: ksana); split second; the twinkling of an eye
6 诧异 cha4 yi4 flabbergasted; astonished
5 chai1 to tear open; to tear down; to tear apart; to open
6 柴油 chai2 you2 diesel fuel
6 chan1 to assist by the arm; to mix; to support; to sustain
6 chan2 slander; defame; misrepresent; to speak maliciously
6 缠绕 chan2 rao4 twisting; to twine; to wind; to pester; to bother
5 产品 chan3 pin3 goods; merchandise; product; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 产生 chan3 sheng1 to arise; to come into being; to come about; to give rise to; to bring into being; to bring about; to produce; to engender; to generate; to appear; appearance; emergence; generation; production; yield
6 阐述 chan3 shu4 to expound (a position); to elaborate (on a topic); to treat (a subject)
6 产业 chan3 ye4 industry; estate; property; industrial
6 颤抖 chan4 dou3 to shudder; to shiver; to shake; to tremble
6 猖狂 chang1 kuang2 savage; furious
6 昌盛 chang1 sheng4 prosperous
4 chang2 to taste; flavor; (past tense marker); already; formerly; ever; once; test
2 chang2 length; long; forever; always; constantly
4 长城 Chang2 cheng2 the Great Wall
6 偿还 chang2 huan2 to repay; to reimburse
4 长江 Chang2 jiang1 Changjiang river; Yangtze river
6 常年 chang2 nian2 a whole year; average year
5 常识 chang2 shi2 common sense; general knowledge; CL:門/门[men2]
6 尝试 chang2 shi4 to try; to attempt; CL:次[ci4]
5 长途 chang2 tu2 long distance
6 常务 chang2 wu4 routine; everyday business; daily operation (of a company)
6 chang3 threshing floor; classifier for events and happenings: spell, episode, bout
6 场合 chang3 he2 situation; occasion
6 敞开 chang3 kai1 wide open; to open up
6 场面 chang3 mian4 scene; occasion
6 场所 chang3 suo3 location; place
6 倡导 chang4 dao3 to advocate; to initiate; to propose; to be a proponent of (an idea or school of thought)
2 唱歌 chang4 ge1 to sing a song
6 畅通 chang4 tong1 unimpeded; free-flowing; straight path; unclogged; move without obstruction
6 畅销 chang4 xiao1 best seller; chart-topping
6 倡议 chang4 yi4 to suggest; to initiate; proposal; initiative
5 chao1 to copy; to plagiarize; to search and seize; to go; to transcribe; to take a shortcut; to search and confiscate
4 超过 chao1 guo4 to surpass; to exceed; to outstrip
6 超级 chao1 ji2 transcending; high grade; super-; ultra-
6 钞票 chao1 piao4 paper money; a bill (e.g. 100 yuan); CL:張/张[zhang1],扎[za1]
3 超市 chao1 shi4 supermarket (abbr.); CL:家[jia1]
6 超越 chao1 yue4 to surpass; to exceed; to transcend
5 chao2 imperial or royal court; government; dynasty; reign of a sovereign or emperor; court or assembly held by a sovereign or emperor; to make a pilgrimage to; facing; towards
5 朝代 chao2 dai4 dynasty; reign (of a king)
6 潮流 chao2 liu2 tide; current; trend
6 潮湿 chao2 shi1 damp; moist
6 嘲笑 chao2 xiao4 jeer; mockery; scoff; sneer; make fun of; laugh at (derogatory)
4 chao3 to quarrel; to make a noise; noisy; to disturb by making a noise
5 chao3 saute; pan-fry; to fry; fried
5 吵架 chao3 jia4 to quarrel; to have a row; CL:頓/顿[dun4]
5 车库 che1 ku4 garage
5 车厢 che1 xiang1 carriage; CL:節/节[jie2]
5 彻底 che4 di3 thorough; thoroughly; complete
6 撤退 che4 tui4 retreat
6 撤销 che4 xiao1 to repeal; to revoke; to undo (computing)
6 沉淀 chen2 dian4 to settle; to precipitate (solid sediment out of a solution)
6 陈旧 chen2 jiu4 old-fashioned
6 陈列 chen2 lie4 to display; to exhibit
6 沉闷 chen2 men4 oppressive (of weather); heavy; depressed; not happy
5 沉默 chen2 mo4 silence; uncommunicative
6 陈述 chen2 shu4 an assertion; to declare; to state
6 沉思 chen2 si1 contemplate; contemplation; meditation; ponder
6 沉重 chen2 zhong4 heavy; hard; serious; critical
6 沉着 chen2 zhuo2 steady; calm and collected; not nervous
5 chen4 to avail oneself of; to take advantage of
3 衬衫 chen4 shan1 shirt; blouse; CL:件[jian4]
6 称心如意 chen4 xin1 ru2 yi4 after one's heart (idiom); gratifying and satisfactory; everything one could wish
5 cheng1 to weigh; to state; to name; name; appellation; to praise
6 称号 cheng1 hao4 name; term of address; title
5 称呼 cheng1 hu5 to call; to address as; appellation
5 称赞 cheng1 zan4 to praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment
5 cheng2 to ride; to mount; to make use of; to avail oneself of; to take advantage of; to multiply (mathematics); Buddhist sect or creed
6 cheng2 orange tree; orange (color)
6 cheng2 to hold; contain; to ladle; pick up with a utensil
6 承办 cheng2 ban4 to undertake; to accept a contract
6 承包 cheng2 bao1 to contract; to undertake (a job)
6 城堡 cheng2 bao3 castle; rook (chess piece)
6 成本 cheng2 ben3 (manufacturing, production etc) costs
5 承担 cheng2 dan1 to undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)
5 程度 cheng2 du4 degree (level or extent); level; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 惩罚 cheng2 fa2 penalty; punishment; to punish
5 成分 cheng2 fen4 composition; make-up; ingredient; element; component; one's social status; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 成功 cheng2 gong1 success; to succeed; CL:次[ci4],個/个[ge4]
5 成果 cheng2 guo3 result; achievement; gain; profit; CL:個/个[ge4]
3 成绩 cheng2 ji4 achievement; performance records; grades; CL:項/项[xiang4],個/个[ge4]
6 成交 cheng2 jiao1 to complete a contract; to reach a deal
5 成就 cheng2 jiu4 accomplishment; success; attain a result; achievement; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 诚恳 cheng2 ken3 sincere; honest; cordial
5 成立 cheng2 li4 to establish; to set up; to be tenable; to hold water
6 承诺 cheng2 nuo4 to promise; to undertake to do something; commitment
6 澄清 cheng2 qing1 clear (of liquid); limpid; to clarify; to make sth clear; to be clear (about the facts)
5 承认 cheng2 ren4 to admit; to concede; to recognize; recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc); to acknowledge
4 诚实 cheng2 shi2 honest; honesty; honorable; truthful
3 城市 cheng2 shi4 city; town; CL:座[zuo4]
5 承受 cheng2 shou4 to bear; to support; to inherit
4 成熟 cheng2 shu2 mature; ripe; Taiwan pr. cheng2 shou2
6 成天 cheng2 tian1 (coll.) all day long; all the time
4 成为 cheng2 wei2 to become; to turn into
6 乘务员 cheng2 wu4 yuan2 attendant on an airplane, train, boat etc
6 呈现 cheng2 xian4 to appear; to emerge; present (a certain appearance); demonstrate
6 成效 cheng2 xiao4 effect; result
6 成心 cheng2 xin1 intentional; deliberate; on purpose
5 程序 cheng2 xu4 procedures; sequence; order; computer program
5 成语 cheng2 yu3 Chinese set expression, often made up of 4 characters or two couplets of 4 characters each, often alluding to a story or historical quotation; idiom; proverb; saying; adage; set expression; CL:條/条[tiao2],本[ben3],句[ju4]
6 成员 cheng2 yuan2 member
5 成长 cheng2 zhang3 to mature; to grow; growth
6 诚挚 cheng2 zhi4 sincere; cordial
4 乘坐 cheng2 zuo4 to ride (in a vehicle)
6 cheng4 steelyard; Roman balance; CL:臺/台[tai2]
1 chi1 to eat; to have one's meal; to eradicate; to destroy; to absorb; to suffer; to exhaust
4 吃惊 chi1 jing1 to be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed
6 吃苦 chi1 ku3 to bear; hardships
5 吃亏 chi1 kui1 to suffer losses; to come to grief; to lose out; to get the worst of it; to be at a disadvantage; unfortunately
6 吃力 chi1 li4 entail strenuous effort; be a strain
3 迟到 chi2 dao4 to arrive late
6 迟缓 chi2 huan3 slow; sluggish
6 持久 chi2 jiu3 lasting; enduring; persistent; permanent; protracted; endurance; persistence; to last long
6 池塘 chi2 tang2 pool; pond
5 持续 chi2 xu4 to continue; to persist; sustainable; preservation
6 迟疑 chi2 yi2 to hesitate
5 池子 chi2 zi5 pond; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 尺子 chi3 zi5 rule; ruler (measuring instrument); CL:把[ba3]
5 翅膀 chi4 bang3 wing; CL:個/个[ge4],對/对[dui4]
6 赤道 chi4 dao4 equator (of the earth or astronomical body)
6 赤字 chi4 zi4 (financial) deficit; red letter
5 chong1 (of water) to dash against; to mix with water; to infuse; to rinse; to flush; to develop (a film); to rise in the air; to clash; to collide with
6 充当 chong1 dang1 to serve as; to act as; to play the role of
5 充电器 chong1 dian4 qi4 battery charger
6 冲动 chong1 dong4 impetus; impulse; emotional impulse; impulsive
5 充分 chong1 fen4 full; abundant
6 冲击 chong1 ji1 an attack; under attack; a shock
5 充满 chong1 man3 full of; brimming with; very full; permeated
6 充沛 chong1 pei4 abundant; plentiful; vigorous
6 充实 chong1 shi2 rich; substantial; enrich; substantiate
6 冲突 chong1 tu1 conflict; to conflict; clash of opposing forces; collision (of interests); contention
6 充足 chong1 zu2 adequate; sufficient; abundant
6 崇拜 chong2 bai4 to worship; adoration
6 重叠 chong2 die2 to overlap; to superimpose; to telescope; to run together; to duplicate; one over another; superposition; an overlap; redundancy; reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步[san4 san4 bu4] to have a stroll)
5 重复 chong2 fu4 to repeat; to duplicate; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 崇高 chong2 gao1 majestic; sublime
6 崇敬 chong2 jing4 to revere; high esteem
4 重新 chong2 xin1 again; once more; re-
6 重阳节 Chong2 yang2 jie2 Double Ninth or Yang Festival; 9th day of 9th lunar month
5 宠物 chong3 wu4 house pet
6 抽空 chou1 kong4 to find the time to do sth
5 抽屉 chou1 ti5 drawer
5 抽象 chou1 xiang4 abstract
4 抽烟 chou1 yan1 to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco)
6 筹备 chou2 bei4 preparations; to get ready for sth
6 踌躇 chou2 chu2 to hesitate
6 稠密 chou2 mi4 dense
5 chou3 clown; surname Chou; 2nd earthly branch: 1-3 a.m., 12th solar month (6th January to 3rd February), year of the Ox
6 丑恶 chou3 e4 ugly; repulsive
5 chou4 stench; stink; smelly; to smell (bad)
2 chu1 to go out; to come out; to occur; to produce; to go beyond; to rise; to put forth; to happen; classifier for dramas, plays, operas etc
5 出版 chu1 ban3 to publish; to come off the press; to put out
6 初步 chu1 bu4 initial; preliminary; tentative
4 出差 chu1 chai1 to go on an official or business trip
4 出发 chu1 fa1 to start out; to set off
5 初级 chu1 ji2 junior; primary
5 出口 chu1 kou3 an exit; CL:個/个[ge4]; to speak; to export; (of a ship) to leave port
6 出路 chu1 lu4 a way out (of a difficulty etc)
6 出卖 chu1 mai4 to offer for sale; to sell; to sell out or betray
5 出色 chu1 se4 remarkable; outstanding
6 出身 chu1 shen1 family background; class origin
6 出神 chu1 shen2 entranced; Trance (music genre)
4 出生 chu1 sheng1 to be born
5 出席 chu1 xi2 to attend; to participate; present
6 出息 chu1 xi5 promise; prospects; future
3 出现 chu1 xian4 to appear; to arise; to emerge; to show up
6 出洋相 chu1 yang2 xiang4 to make a fool of oneself
1 出租车 chu1 zu1 che1 taxi
5 chu2 to get rid of; to remove; to exclude; to eliminate; to wipe out; to divide; except; not including
3 厨房 chu2 fang2 kitchen; CL:間/间[jian1]
5 除非 chu2 fei1 only if (…, or otherwise, …); only when; only in the case that; unless
3 除了 chu2 le5 besides; apart from (… also…); in addition to; except (for)
5 除夕 chu2 xi1 (New Year's) Eve
6 储备 chu3 bei4 reserves; to store up
6 储存 chu3 cun2 stockpile; to store; to stockpile; storage
6 处分 chu3 fen4 to discipline sb; to punish; disciplinary action; to deal with (a matter); CL:個/个[ge4]
6 处境 chu3 jing4 plight; unfavorable situation
5 处理 chu3 li3 to handle; to treat; to deal with; to process; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 储蓄 chu3 xu4 to deposit money; to save; savings
6 处置 chu3 zhi4 to handle; to take care of; to punish
6 触犯 chu4 fan4 offend
2 穿 chuan1 to bore through; pierce; perforate; penetrate; pass through; to dress; to wear; to put on; to thread
6 川流不息 chuan1 liu2 bu4 xi1 the stream flows without stopping (idiom); unending flow
6 穿越 chuan1 yue4 to pass through; to cross; to overcome
2 chuan2 a boat; vessel; ship; CL:條/条[tiao2],艘[sou1],隻/只[zhi1]
5 传播 chuan2 bo1 to disseminate; to propagate; to spread
6 船舶 chuan2 bo2 shipping; boats
6 传达 chuan2 da2 to pass on; to convey; to relay; to transmit; transmission
6 传单 chuan2 dan1 leaflet; flier; pamphlet
5 传递 chuan2 di4 to transmit; to pass on to sb else
5 传染 chuan2 ran3 to infect; contagious
6 传授 chuan2 shou4 to impart; to pass on; to teach
5 传说 chuan2 shuo1 legend; folklore; tradition; it is said; they say that…
5 传统 chuan2 tong3 tradition; traditional; convention; conventional; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 传真 chuan2 zhen1 fax; facsimile
6 喘气 chuan3 qi4 to breathe deeply; to pant
6 chuan4 to string together; to mix up; to conspire; to rove; bunch or cluster; string (computing); classifier for rows or strings
4 窗户 chuang1 hu5 window; CL:個/个[ge4],扇[shan4]
5 窗帘 chuang1 lian2 window curtains
6 床单 chuang2 dan1 sheet; CL:條/条[tiao2],件[jian4],張/张[zhang1],床[chuang2]
5 chuang3 to rush; to charge; to dash; to break through; to temper oneself (through battling hardships)
6 创立 chuang4 li4 to found; establish; originate
6 创新 chuang4 xin1 innovation; to bring forth new ideas; to blaze new trails
6 创业 chuang4 ye4 to begin an undertaking; to start a major task; to initiate; to venture; venture
5 创造 chuang4 zao4 to create; to bring about; to produce; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 创作 chuang4 zuo4 to create; to produce; to write; creative work; creation; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 chui1 to blow; to play a wind instrument; to blast; to puff; to boast; to brag; to end in failure; to fall through
6 吹牛 chui1 niu2 to brag; to chat (dialect)
6 吹捧 chui1 peng3 to flatter; to laud sb's accomplishments; adulation
6 chui2 hammer; to hammer into shape; weight (e.g. of a steelyard or balance)
6 垂直 chui2 zhi2 perpendicular; vertical
3 chun1 spring (time); gay; joyful; youthful; love; lust; life
6 纯粹 chun2 cui4 purely
6 纯洁 chun2 jie2 pure; clean and honest; to purify
5 磁带 ci2 dai4 magnetic tape; CL:盤/盘[pan2],盒[he2]
4 词典 ci2 dian3 dictionary (of Chinese compound words); also written 辭典/辞典[ci2 dian3]; CL:部[bu4],本[ben3]
6 词汇 ci2 hui4 vocabulary; list of words (e.g. for language teaching purposes)
6 慈祥 ci2 xiang2 kindly; benevolent (often of older person)
6 雌雄 ci2 xiong2 male and female
3 词语 ci2 yu3 word (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases); term (e.g. technical term); expression
5 辞职 ci2 zhi2 to resign
5 此外 ci3 wai4 besides; in addition; moreover; furthermore
6 ci4 thorn; splinter; to stab; to pierce; to prick
2 ci4 next in sequence; second; the second (day, time etc); secondary; vice-; sub-; infra-; inferior quality; substandard; order; sequence; hypo- (chemistry); classifier for enumerated events: time
6 伺候 ci4 hou4 to serve; to act as a valet
5 刺激 ci4 ji1 to provoke; to irritate; to upset; to stimulate; to excite; irritant
6 次品 ci4 pin3 substandard products; defective; seconds
6 次序 ci4 xu4 sequence; order
5 次要 ci4 yao4 secondary
5 匆忙 cong1 mang2 hasty; hurried
3 聪明 cong1 ming5 acute (of sight and hearing); clever; intelligent; bright; smart
5 cong2 from; via; passing through; through
6 cong2 cluster; collection; collection of books; thicket
5 从此 cong2 ci3 from now on; since then; henceforth
5 从而 cong2 er2 thus; thereby
4 从来 cong2 lai2 always; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence)
5 从前 cong2 qian2 previously; formerly; once upon a time
6 从容不迫 cong2 rong2 bu4 po4 calm; unruffled
5 从事 cong2 shi4 to go for; to engage in; to undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do
6 凑合 cou4 he5 to bring together; to make do in a bad situation; to just get by; to improvise; passable; not too bad
6 粗鲁 cu1 lu3 crude; coarse; rough
4 粗心 cu1 xin1 careless; thoughtless
5 cu4 vinegar
5 促进 cu4 jin4 to promote (an idea or cause); to advance; boost
5 促使 cu4 shi3 to induce; to promote; to urge; to impel; to bring about; to provoke; to drive (sb to do sth); to catalyze; to actuate; to contribute to (some development)
6 cuan4 to flee; to scuttle; to exile or banish; to amend or edit
5 cui1 to urge; to press; to prompt; to rush sb; to hasten sth; to expedite
6 摧残 cui1 can2 to ravage; to ruin
6 脆弱 cui4 ruo4 weak; frail
5 cun2 exist; deposit; store; keep; survive
5 存在 cun2 zai4 to exist; to be
6 cuo1 to rub or roll between the hands or fingers; to twist
6 磋商 cuo1 shang1 to consult; to discuss seriously; to negotiate; to confer; negotiations; consultations
2 cuo4 mistake; error; blunder; fault; cross; uneven; wrong; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 措施 cuo4 shi1 measure; step (to be taken); CL:個/个[ge4]
5 错误 cuo4 wu4 error; mistake; mistaken; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 挫折 cuo4 zhe2 setback; reverse; check; defeat; frustration; disappointment; to frustrate; to discourage; to set sb back; to blunt; to subdue
6 da1 to put up; to build (scaffolding); to hang (clothes on a pole); to connect; to join; to arrange in pairs; to match; to add; to throw in (resources); to take (boat, train)
6 搭档 da1 dang4 to cooperate; partner
6 搭配 da1 pei4 to pair up; to match; to arrange in pairs; to add sth into a group
5 答应 da1 ying5 to promise; to agree; to reply; to respond
4 答案 da2 an4 answer; solution; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 答辩 da2 bian4 to reply (to an accusation)
6 达成 da2 cheng2 to reach (an agreement); to accomplish
5 达到 da2 dao4 to reach; to achieve; to attain
6 答复 da2 fu4 to answer; to reply; Reply to: (in email header)
4 打扮 da3 ban5 to decorate; to dress; to make up; to adorn; manner of dressing; style of dress
6 打包 da3 bao1 to wrap; to pack; to ask for a doggy bag (at a restaurant)
1 打电话 da3 dian4 hua4 to make a telephone call
5 打工 da3 gong1 to work (do manual labor for a living); a part time job; to moonlight
6 打官司 da3 guan1 si5 to file a lawsuit; to sue; to dispute
6 打击 da3 ji1 to hit; to strike; to attack; to crack down on sth; a setback; a blow; percussion (music)
6 打架 da3 jia4 to fight; to scuffle; to come to blows; CL:場/场[chang2]
5 打交道 da3 jiao1 dao4 to come into contact with; to have dealings
2 打篮球 da3 lan2 qiu2 play basketball
6 打量 da3 liang5 to size sb up; to take measure of; to suppose; to reckon
6 打猎 da3 lie4 to go hunting
5 打喷嚏 da3 pen1 ti4 to sneeze
4 打扰 da3 rao3 to disturb; to bother; to trouble
3 打扫 da3 sao3 to clean; to sweep
3 打算 da3 suan4 to plan; to intend; to calculate; plan; intention; calculation; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 打听 da3 ting5 to ask about; to inquire about
4 打印 da3 yin4 to print; to seal; to stamp
6 打仗 da3 zhang4 to fight a battle; to go to war
5 打招呼 da3 zhao1 hu5 to greet sb by word or action; to give prior notice
4 打折 da3 zhe2 to give a discount
4 打针 da3 zhen1 to give or have an injection
1 da4 big; huge; large; major; great; wide; deep; oldest; eldest
6 大不了 da4 bu4 liao3 at worst; if worst comes to worst; serious; alarming
6 大臣 da4 chen2 minister (of a monarchy)
5 大方 da4 fang1 expert; scholar; mother earth; a type of green tea
4 大概 da4 gai4 roughly; probably; rough; approximate; about
6 大伙儿 da4 huo3 r5 everybody; everyone; we all
2 大家 da4 jia1 authority; everyone
6 大厦 da4 sha4 large building; edifice; mansion; CL:座[zuo4]
4 大使馆 da4 shi3 guan3 embassy; CL:座[zuo4],個/个[ge4]
6 大肆 da4 si4 wantonly; without restraint (of enemy or malefactor); unbridled
6 大体 da4 ti3 in general; more or less; in rough terms; basically; on the whole
5 大象 da4 xiang4 elephant; CL:隻/只[zhi1]
5 大型 da4 xing2 large scale; wide scale; broad scale
6 大意 da4 yi4 general idea; main idea
4 大约 da4 yue1 approximately; about
6 大致 da4 zhi4 more or less; roughly; approximately
5 dai1 foolish; stupid; expressionless; blank; to stay
6 歹徒 dai3 tu2 evil-doer; malefactor; gangster; hoodlum
3 dai4 band; belt; girdle; ribbon; tire; area; zone; region; CL:條/条[tiao2]; to wear; to carry; to lead; to bring; to look after; to raise
4 dai4 to put on or wear (glasses, hat, gloves etc); to respect; to bear; to support
4 代表 dai4 biao3 representative; delegate; CL:位[wei4],個/个[ge4],名[ming2]; to represent; to stand for; on behalf of; in the name of
6 逮捕 dai4 bu3 to arrest; to apprehend; an arrest
4 大夫 dai4 fu5 doctor; minister of state (in pre-Han states); CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4]
6 代价 dai4 jia4 price; cost; consideration (in share dealing)
5 贷款 dai4 kuan3 a loan; to provide a loan (e.g. bank); CL:筆/笔[bi3]
6 代理 dai4 li3 to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position; to act as an agent or proxy; surrogate
6 带领 dai4 ling3 to guide; to lead
6 怠慢 dai4 man4 to slight; to neglect
4 代替 dai4 ti4 instead; to replace; to substitute (X for Y, or a number in an algebraic expression)
5 待遇 dai4 yu4 treatment; pay; wages; status; salary
6 担保 dan1 bao3 to guarantee; to vouch for
5 单纯 dan1 chun2 simple; pure; alone; merely
5 单调 dan1 diao4 monotonous
5 单独 dan1 du2 alone; by oneself; on one's own
5 担任 dan1 ren4 to hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of; to serve as
5 单位 dan1 wei4 a unit; unit (of measure); work unit (one's workplace); CL:個/个[ge4]
5 耽误 dan1 wu5 delay; hold-up; to waste time; to interfere with
3 担心 dan1 xin1 anxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious
5 单元 dan1 yuan2 unit; entrance number; staircase (for residential buildings)
6 胆怯 dan3 qie4 timid; cowardly
5 胆小鬼 dan3 xiao3 gui3 coward
5 dan4 insipid; diluted; weak; mild; light in color; tasteless; fresh; indifferent; nitrogen
6 蛋白质 dan4 bai2 zhi4 protein
6 诞辰 dan4 chen2 birthday
3 蛋糕 dan4 gao1 cake; CL:塊/块[kuai4],個/个[ge4]
6 淡季 dan4 ji4 off season; slow business season; (see also 旺季)
6 诞生 dan4 sheng1 to be born
2 但是 dan4 shi4 but; however
6 淡水 dan4 shui3 potable water (water with low salt content); fresh water
4 dang1 to be; to act as; manage; withstand; when; during; ought; should; match equally; equal; same; obstruct; just at (a time or place); on the spot; right; just at
6 当场 dang1 chang3 at the scene; on the spot
6 当初 dang1 chu1 at that time; originally
5 当代 dang1 dai4 the present age; the contemporary era
4 当地 dang1 di4 local
6 当面 dang1 mian4 to sb's face; in sb's presence
6 当前 dang1 qian2 current; today's; modern; present; to be facing (us)
3 当然 dang1 ran2 only natural; as it should be; certainly; of course; without doubt
4 当时 dang1 shi2 then; at that time; while
6 当事人 dang1 shi4 ren2 persons involved or implicated; party (to an affair)
6 当务之急 dang1 wu4 zhi1 ji2 top priority job; matter of vital importance
6 当心 dang1 xin1 to take care; to look out
6 当选 dang1 xuan3 be elected
6 dang3 party; association; club; society; surname Dang; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 dang3 to resist; to obstruct; to hinder; to keep off; to block (a blow); to get in the way of; cover; gear
6 档案 dang4 an4 file; record; archive; Taiwan pr. dang3 an4
6 档次 dang4 ci4 grade; class; quality; level
4 dao1 knife; CL:把[ba3]
5 dao3 island; CL:個/个[ge4],座[zuo4]
6 倒闭 dao3 bi4 to go bankrupt; to close down
6 导弹 dao3 dan4 guided missile; cruise missile; missile; CL:枚[mei2]
6 导航 dao3 hang2 navigation
6 捣乱 dao3 luan4 to disturb; to look for trouble; to stir up a row; to bother sb intentionally
5 倒霉 dao3 mei2 have bad luck; be out of luck
6 导向 dao3 xiang4 to be oriented towards; orientation
5 导演 dao3 yan3 direct; director (film etc)
4 导游 dao3 you2 tour guide; to conduct a tour; a guidebook
6 岛屿 dao3 yu3 islands
5 导致 dao3 zhi4 to lead to; to create; to cause; to bring about
5 dao4 to move backwards; converse
2 dao4 to (a place); until (a time); up to; to go; to arrive
4 到处 dao4 chu4 in all places; everywhere
5 到达 dao4 da2 to reach; to arrive
5 道德 dao4 de2 virtue; morality; ethics; moral; CL:種/种[zhong3]
4 到底 dao4 di3 finally; in the end; when all is said and done; after all; to the end; to the last
6 稻谷 dao4 gu3 rice crops
5 道理 dao4 li3 reason; argument; sense; principle; basis; justification; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 道歉 dao4 qian4 to apologize; to make an apology
6 盗窃 dao4 qie4 to steal
6 得不偿失 de2 bu4 chang2 shi1 (saying) the gains do not make up for the losses
6 得力 de2 li4 able; capable; competent; efficient
6 得天独厚 de2 tian1 du2 hou4 (of an area) rich in resources; (of a person) gifted or able (idiom)
4 得意 de2 yi4 proud of oneself; pleased with oneself; complacent
6 得罪 de2 zui4 to commit an offense; to violate the law; excuse me! (formal); see also 得罪/得罪[de2 zui5]
1 de5 of; structural particle: used before a noun, linking it to preceding possessive or descriptive attributive
2 de5 structural particle: used after a verb (or adjective as main verb), linking it to following phrase indicating effect, degree, possibility etc
3 de5 -ly; structural particle: used before a verb or adjective, linking it to preceding modifying adverbial adjunct
4 dei3 to have to; must; ought to; to need to
3 deng1 lamp; light; lantern; CL:盞/盏[zhan3]
6 deng1 to tread on; to step on
5 登机牌 deng1 ji1 pai2 boarding pass
5 登记 deng1 ji4 to register (one's name)
6 灯笼 deng1 long2 lantern
6 登陆 deng1 lu4 to land; to come ashore; to make landfall (of typhoon etc); to log in
6 登录 deng1 lu4 to register; to login
2 deng3 to wait for; to await
4 deng3 et cetera; and so on; et al. (and other authors); after; as soon as; once
5 等待 deng3 dai4 wait for; await
5 等候 deng3 hou4 waiting
6 等级 deng3 ji2 degree; rate
5 等于 deng3 yu2 to equal; to be tantamount to
6 deng4 to open (one's eyes) wide; to stare at; to glare at
3 di1 low; beneath; to lower (one's head); to let droop; to hang down; to incline
5 di1 a drop; to drip
6 堤坝 di1 ba4 dam
5 的确 di2 que4 really; indeed
5 敌人 di2 ren2 enemy; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 敌视 di2 shi4 hostile; malevolence; antagonism; to view as enemy; to stand against
4 di3 background; bottom; base; the end of a period of time; towards the end of (last month)
6 抵达 di3 da2 arrive; reach (a destination)
6 抵抗 di3 kang4 to resist; resistance
6 抵制 di3 zhi4 to resit; to boycott; to refuse (to cooperate); to reject; resistance; refusal
5 di4 to hand over; to pass on sth; to gradually increase or decrease; progressively
6 地步 di4 bu4 condition; situation; plight; extent; room for action
6 地道 di4 dao5 real; pure; genuine; typical; well-done; thorough
2 弟弟 di4 di5 younger brother; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4]
3 地方 di4 fang5 region; regional (away from the central administration)
5 地理 di4 li3 geography
4 地球 di4 qiu2 the Earth; planet; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 地区 di4 qu1 local; regional; district (not necessarily formal administrative unit); region; area; as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture level city or county level city); CL:個/个[ge4]
6 地势 di4 shi4 terrain; topography relief
5 地毯 di4 tan3 carpet; rug
3 地铁 di4 tie3 subway; metro
3 地图 di4 tu2 map; CL:張/张[zhang1],本[ben3]
5 地位 di4 wei4 position; status; place; CL:個/个[ge4]
2 第一 di4 yi1 first; number one
6 递增 di4 zeng1 to increase by degrees; in increasing order; incremental; progressive
5 地震 di4 zhen4 earthquake
4 地址 di4 zhi3 address; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 地质 di4 zhi4 geology
6 颠簸 dian1 bo3 to shake; to jolt; to bump
6 颠倒 dian1 dao3 to turn upside-down; to reverse; back-to-front; confused; deranged; crazy
1 dian3 drop (of liquid); stain; spot; speck; jot; dot stroke (in Chinese characters); decimal point; point; mark (of degree or level); a place (with certain characteristics); iron bell; o’clock; a little; a bit; some; (point) unit of measurement for type; to touch on briefly; to make clear; to light; to ignite; to kindle; period of time at night (24 minutes) (old); a drip; to dibble; classifier for small indeterminate quantities
6 典礼 dian3 li3 celebration; ceremony
5 点头 dian3 tou2 to nod
5 点心 dian3 xin5 light refreshments; pastry; dimsum (in Cantonese cooking); dessert
6 典型 dian3 xing2 model; typical case; archetype; typical; representative
6 点缀 dian3 zhui4 to decorate; an ornament; to adorn; only for show
6 dian4 pad; cushion; mat
5 电池 dian4 chi2 battery; CL:節/节[jie2],組/组[zu3]
6 奠定 dian4 ding4 to establish; to fix; to settle
6 惦记 dian4 ji4 remember with concern; worry about
1 电脑 dian4 nao3 computer; CL:臺/台[tai2]
1 电视 dian4 shi4 television; TV; CL:臺/台[tai2],個/个[ge4]
5 电台 dian4 tai2 transmitter-receiver; broadcasting station; radio station; CL:個/个[ge4]
3 电梯 dian4 ti1 elevator; CL:臺/台[tai2],部[bu4]
1 电影 dian4 ying3 movie; film; CL:部[bu4],片[pian4],幕[mu4],場/场[chang3]
6 电源 dian4 yuan2 electric power source
3 电子邮件 dian4 zi3 you2 jian4 electronic mail; email; CL:封[feng1]
6 diao1 to hold in the mouth
6 雕刻 diao1 ke4 to carve; to engrave; carving
6 雕塑 diao1 su4 a statue; a Buddhist image; sculpture; to carve
6 diao4 to suspend; to hang up; to hang a person
4 diao4 to fall; to drop; to lag behind; to lose; to go missing; to reduce; fall (in prices); to lose (value, weight etc); to wag; to swing; to turn; to change; to exchange; to swap; to show off; to shed (hair)
5 diao4 to fish with a hook and bait
4 调查 diao4 cha2 investigation; inquiry; to investigate; to survey; survey; (opinion) poll; CL:項/项[xiang4],個/个[ge4]
6 调动 diao4 dong4 to transfer; to maneuver (troops etc)
6 die1 to drop; to fall; to tumble; Taiwan pr. die2
5 ding1 cubes of meat and vegetables; man; members of a family; population; fourth of 10 heavenly stems 十天干;
6 ding1 to watch attentively; to fix attention on; to stare; to gaze; to follow; to shadow sb
6 叮嘱 ding1 zhu3 to warn repeatedly; to urge; to exhort again and again
5 ding3 apex; crown of the head; top; roof; to carry on the head; to push to the top; to go against; most; to replace; to substitute; classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc; to agree or support (internet slang, similar to digg)
6 定期 ding4 qi1 regularly; at regular intervals
6 定义 ding4 yi4 definition
4 diu1 to lose; to put aside; to throw
6 丢人 diu1 ren2 to lose face
6 丢三落四 diu1 san1 la4 si4 forgetful; scatterbrained
3 dong1 east; host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest); landlord; surname Dong
3 dong1 winter
6 东道主 dong1 dao4 zhu3 host; official host (e.g. venue for games or a conference)
1 东西 dong1 xi5 thing; stuff; person; CL:個/个[ge4],件[jian4]
6 东张西望 dong1 zhang1 xi1 wang4 to look in all directions (idiom); to glance around
2 dong3 to understand; to know
6 董事长 dong3 shi4 zhang3 chairman of the board; chairman
5 dong4 to freeze; to feel very cold; aspic or jelly
6 dong4 classifier for houses or buildings; ridgepole (old)
5 dong4 cave; hole; zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers); CL:個/个[ge4]
6 动荡 dong4 dang4 unrest (social or political); turmoil; upheaval; commotion
5 动画片 dong4 hua4 pian1 cartoon; animation
6 动机 dong4 ji1 motor; locomotive; motive; motivation; intention
6 冻结 dong4 jie2 to freeze (loan, wage, price etc)
6 动静 dong4 jing4 sound of activity or people talking; news of activity
6 动力 dong4 li4 power; motion; propulsion; force
6 动脉 dong4 mai4 artery
6 动身 dong4 shen1 go on a journey; leave
6 动手 dong4 shou3 to hit with hands or fists; to start work; to touch
6 动态 dong4 tai4 development; trend; dynamic state; movement; moving
3 动物 dong4 wu4 animal; CL:隻/只[zhi1],群[qun2],個/个[ge4]
6 洞穴 dong4 xue2 cave; cavern
6 动员 dong4 yuan2 mobilize; arouse; CL:次[ci4],個/个[ge4]
4 动作 dong4 zuo4 movement; motion; action; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 dou1 pocket; bag; to wrap up or hold in a bag; to move in a circle; to canvas or solicit; to take responsibility for; to disclose in detail; combat armor (old)
1 dou1 all, both; entirely (due to) each; even; already
6 陡峭 dou3 qiao4 precipitous
5 dou4 to stay; to stop; to pause (while reading); to tease (play with)
5 豆腐 dou4 fu5 tofu; bean curd
6 斗争 dou4 zheng1 a struggle; fight; battle
6 督促 du1 cu4 to urge sb to complete a task
6 都市 du1 shi4 city; metropolis
1 du2 to read; to study; reading of word (i.e. pronunciation), similar to 拼音[pin1 yin1]
6 独裁 du2 cai2 dictatorship
5 独立 du2 li4 independent; independence; to stand alone
6 毒品 du2 pin3 drugs; narcotics; poison
5 独特 du2 te4 unique; distinct; having special characteristics
6 赌博 du3 bo2 to gamble
4 堵车 du3 che1 traffic jam; choking
6 堵塞 du3 se4 to block; to stop; blockage
5 度过 du4 guo4 spend; pass
6 杜绝 du4 jue2 put an end to
4 肚子 du4 zi5 belly; abdomen; stomach; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 duan1 end; extremity; item; port; to hold sth level with both hands; to carry; regular
6 端午节 duan1 wu3 jie2 The Dragon Boat Festival (the 5th day of the 5th lunar month)
6 端正 duan1 zheng4 upright; regular; proper; correct
3 duan3 short or brief; to lack; weak point; fault
6 短促 duan3 cu4 short in time; fleeting; brief
5 短信 duan3 xin4 text message; SMS
4 duan4 to break; to snap; to cut off; to give up or abstain from sth; to judge; (usu. used in the negative) absolutely, definitely,decidedly
3 duan4 paragraph; section; segment; stage (of a process); classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc
6 断定 duan4 ding4 to conclude; to determine; to come to a judgment
6 断断续续 duan4 duan4 xu4 xu4 intermittent; off and on; discontinuous; stop-go; stammering; disjointed; inarticulate
6 断绝 duan4 jue2 to sever; to break off
3 锻炼 duan4 lian4 to engage in physical exercise; to toughen; to temper
5 dui1 a pile; a mass; heap; stack
6 堆积 dui1 ji1 to pile up; to heap; accumulation
2 dui4 for; to
2 dui4 right
5 对比 dui4 bi3 contrast; balance; CL:個/个[ge4]
1 对不起 dui4 bu5 qi3 unworthy; to let down; I'm sorry; excuse me; pardon me; if you please; sorry? (please repeat)
6 对策 dui4 ce4 countermeasure for dealing with a situation
6 对称 dui4 chen4 symmetry; symmetrical
5 对待 dui4 dai4 to treat; treatment
5 对方 dui4 fang1 counterpart; other person involved; opposite side; other side; receiving party
6 对付 dui4 fu5 to handle; to deal with; to cope; to get by with
4 对话 dui4 hua4 dialog; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 兑换 dui4 huan4 to convert; to exchange
6 对抗 dui4 kang4 to withstand; to resist; to stand off; antagonism; confrontation
6 对立 dui4 li4 to oppose; to set sth against; to be antagonistic to; antithetical; relative opposite; opposing; diametrical
6 对联 dui4 lian2 rhyming couplet; pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway; CL:幅[fu2]
4 对面 dui4 mian4 opposite
5 对手 dui4 shou3 opponent; adversary; match
6 队伍 dui4 wu5 ranks; troops; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 兑现 dui4 xian4 (of a cheque etc) to cash; to honor a commitment
5 对象 dui4 xiang4 target; object; partner; boyfriend; girlfriend; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 对应 dui4 ying4 to correspond; a correspondence; corresponding; homologous; matching with sth; counterpart
5 对于 dui4 yu2 regarding; as far as sth is concerned; with regards to
6 对照 dui4 zhao4 to contrast; to compare; to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts); to check
5 dun1 ton; Taiwan pr. dun4
5 dun1 to crouch; to squat
4 dun4 stop; pause; to arrange; to lay out; to kowtow; to stamp; at once; classifier for meals, beating, tellings off etc: time, bout, spell, meal
6 顿时 dun4 shi2 at once; immediately; forthwith
1 duo1 many; much; a lot of; numerous; multi-
5 多亏 duo1 kui1 thanks to; luckily
3 多么 duo1 me5 how (wonderful etc); what (a great idea etc); however (difficult it may be etc)
1 多少 duo1 shao3 number; amount; somewhat
6 哆嗦 duo1 suo5 to tremble; to shiver; uncontrolled shaking of the body
5 多余 duo1 yu2 superfluous; unnecessary; surplus
6 多元化 duo1 yuan2 hua4 diversification; pluralism; to diversify
4 duo3 flower; earlobe; fig. item on both sides; classifier for flowers, clouds etc
5 躲藏 duo3 cang2 to hide oneself
6 堕落 duo4 luo4 to morally degenerate; to become depraved; a fall from grace; a fall into sin or depravity
6 额外 e2 wai4 extra; added; additional
6 恶心 e3 xin5 nausea; to feel sick; disgust; nauseating
3 饿 e4 to be hungry; hungry
6 恶化 e4 hua4 worsen
5 恶劣 e4 lie4 vile; nasty; of very poor quality
6 遏制 e4 zhi4 to check; to contain; to hold back; to keep within limits; to constrain; to restrain
6 恩怨 en1 yuan4 (feeling of) resentment; (longstanding) grudge
4 er2 and; as well as; and so; but (not); yet (not); (indicates causal relation); (indicates change of state); (indicates contrast)
3 而且 er2 qie3 (not only …) but also; moreover; in addition; furthermore
4 儿童 er2 tong2 child; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 而已 er2 yi3 that's all; nothing more
1 儿子 er2 zi5 son
3 耳朵 er3 duo5 ear; CL:隻/只[zhi1],個/个[ge4],對/对[dui4]
6 耳环 er3 huan2 earring; CL:隻/只[zhi1],對/对[dui4]
1 er4 two; 2; stupid (Beijing dialect)
6 二氧化碳 er4 yang3 hua4 tan4 carbon dioxide CO2
4 fa1 to send out; to show (one's feeling); to issue; to develop; classifier for gunshots (rounds)
5 发表 fa1 biao3 to issue (a statement); to publish; to issue; to put out
6 发布 fa1 bu4 to release; to issue; to announce; to distribute; also written 發布/发布[fa1 bu4]
6 发财 fa1 cai2 to get rich
5 发愁 fa1 chou2 to worry; to fret; to be anxious; to become sad
5 发达 fa1 da2 developed (country etc); flourishing; to develop
6 发呆 fa1 dai1 to daydream; lost in thought
6 发动 fa1 dong4 to start; to launch; to unleash; to mobilize; to arouse
5 发抖 fa1 dou3 shiver; shudder; tremble; tremulous
5 发挥 fa1 hui1 to display; to exhibit; to bring out implicit or innate qualities; to express (a thought or moral); to develop (an idea); to elaborate (on a theme)
6 发火 fa1 huo3 to catch fire; to ignite; to detonate; to get angry
6 发觉 fa1 jue2 to find; to detect; to discover
5 发明 fa1 ming2 to invent; invention; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 发票 fa1 piao4 invoice; receipt or bill for purchase
3 发烧 fa1 shao1 have a high temperature (from illness); have a fever
6 发射 fa1 she4 to shoot (a projectile); to fire (a rocket); to launch; to emit (a particle); to discharge; emanation; emission
4 发生 fa1 sheng1 to happen; to occur; to take place; to break out
6 发誓 fa1 shi4 to vow; to pledge; to swear
3 发现 fa1 xian4 to find; to discover
6 发行 fa1 xing2 to publish; to issue (stocks, currency etc); to release; to distribute (a film)
5 发言 fa1 yan2 statement; utterance; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 发炎 fa1 yan2 inflamed from infection or injury; inflammation
6 发扬 fa1 yang2 to develop; to make full use of
6 发育 fa1 yu4 to develop; growth; development
4 发展 fa1 zhan3 development; growth; to develop; to grow; to expand
5 罚款 fa2 kuan3 (impose a) fine; penalty; fine (monetary)
4 法律 fa3 lv4 law; CL:條/条[tiao2], 套[tao4], 個/个[ge4]
6 法人 fa3 ren2 legal person; corporation; see also 自然人/自然人[zi4 ran2 ren2]
5 法院 fa3 yuan4 court of law; court
6 fan1 to take turns; order in series; time; a kind of; barbarians
6 fan1 to turn over; to flip over; to overturn; to translate; to decode
4 翻译 fan1 yi4 to translate; to interpret; translator; interpreter; translation; interpretation; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
6 繁华 fan2 hua2 flourishing; bustling
6 繁忙 fan2 mang2 busy; bustling
4 烦恼 fan2 nao3 agonize; agony; annoyance; upset; vexation; worries
5 繁荣 fan2 rong2 prosperous; booming (economy)
5 凡是 fan2 shi4 every; all
6 繁体字 fan2 ti3 zi4 traditional Chinese character
6 繁殖 fan2 zhi2 to breed; to reproduce; to propagate
6 反驳 fan3 bo2 to retort; to refute
6 反常 fan3 chang2 unusual; abnormal
6 反倒 fan3 dao4 but on the contrary; but expectedly
6 反动 fan3 dong4 reaction; reactionary
4 反对 fan3 dui4 to fight against; to oppose; to be opposed to; opposition
5 反而 fan3 er2 instead; on the contrary; contrary (to expectations)
5 反复 fan3 fu4 repeatedly; over and over
6 反感 fan3 gan3 to be disgusted with; to dislike; bad reaction; antipathy
6 反抗 fan3 kang4 to resist; to rebel
6 反馈 fan3 kui4 to send back information; feedback
6 反面 fan3 mian4 reverse side of sth; opposite side of some topic; the other side
6 反射 fan3 she4 to reflect; reflection (from a mirror etc); reflex (i.e. automatic reaction of organism)
6 反思 fan3 si1 to think back over sth; to review; to revisit; to rethink; reflection; reassessment
6 反问 fan3 wen4 to ask (a question) in reply; to answer a question with a question; rhetorical question
5 反应 fan3 ying4 to react; to respond; reaction; response; reply; chemical reaction; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 反映 fan3 ying4 to mirror; to reflect; mirror image; reflection; fig. to report; to make known; to render; used erroneously for 反應/反应, response or reaction
5 反正 fan3 zheng4 to put things back in order; to return to the correct path; in any event; come what may; whatever happens (I'm still sure it's right); anyway
6 反之 fan3 zhi1 on the other hand…; conversely…
6 范畴 fan4 chou2 category
1 饭馆 fan4 guan3 restaurant; CL:家[jia1]
6 泛滥 fan4 lan4 to be in flood; to overflow (the banks); to inundate; to spread unchecked
6 贩卖 fan4 mai4 to sell; to peddle; to traffic
4 范围 fan4 wei2 range; scope; limit; extent; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 fang1 square; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute etc); place; method; prescription (medicine); upright or honest; just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbr. for square or cubic meter
5 方案 fang1 an4 plan; program (for action etc); proposal; proposed bill; CL:個/个[ge4]
3 方便 fang1 bian4 convenient; to help out; to make things easy for people; convenience; suitable; having money to spare; (euphemism) to go to the toilet
4 方法 fang1 fa3 method; way; means; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 方面 fang1 mian4 respect; aspect; field; side; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 方式 fang1 shi4 way (of life); pattern; style; mode; manner; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 方位 fang1 wei4 direction; points of the compass; bearing; position; azimuth
4 方向 fang1 xiang4 direction; orientation; path to follow; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 方言 fang1 yan2 dialect
6 方针 fang1 zhen1 policy; guidelines; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 妨碍 fang2 ai4 to hinder; to obstruct
5 房东 fang2 dong1 landlord
2 房间 fang2 jian1 room; CL:間/间[jian1]
6 防守 fang2 shou3 defend; protect (against)
6 防疫 fang2 yi4 disease prevention; protection against epidemic
6 防御 fang2 yu4 defense
6 防止 fang2 zhi3 to prevent; to guard against; to take precautions
6 防治 fang2 zhi4 prevention and cure
5 仿佛 fang3 fu2 to seem; as if; alike; similar
4 访问 fang3 wen4 to visit; to call on; to interview; CL:次[ci4]
6 纺织 fang3 zhi1 spinning and weaving
3 fang4 to release; to free; to let go; to put; to place; to let out; to set off (fireworks)
6 放大 fang4 da4 to enlarge; to magnify
4 放弃 fang4 qi4 to renounce; to abandon; to give up
6 放射 fang4 she4 to radiate; radioactive
6 放手 fang4 shou3 let go; have a free hand; let go one's hold
4 放暑假 fang4 shu3 jia4 take summer vacation
5 放松 fang4 song1 to loosen; to relax
3 放心 fang4 xin1 to set one's mind at rest; to be at ease; to rest
5 fei1 non-; not-; un-; abbr. for Africa 非洲; wrong; evil-doing; insist on; simply must
2 非常 fei1 chang2 unusual; extraordinary; extreme; very; exceptional
6 非法 fei1 fa3 illegal
1 飞机 fei1 ji1 airplane; CL: 架[jia4]
6 飞禽走兽 fei1 qin2 zou3 shou4 birds and animals; the beasts of the field and the birds of the air
6 飞翔 fei1 xiang2 fly
6 飞跃 fei1 yue4 to leap
6 肥沃 fei2 wo4 fertile
5 肥皂 fei2 zao4 soap; CL:塊/块[kuai4],條/条[tiao2]
6 诽谤 fei3 bang4 slander; libel
6 匪徒 fei3 tu2 gangster; bandit
5 fei4 lung; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 废除 fei4 chu2 to abolish; to abrogate; to repeal
5 废话 fei4 hua4 nonsense; rubbish; superfluous words; You don't say!; No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
6 沸腾 fei4 teng2 boiling; ebullition
6 废墟 fei4 xu1 ruins
5 费用 fei4 yong4 cost; expenditure; expense; CL:筆/笔[bi3],個/个[ge4]
3 fen1 to divide; to separate; to allocate; to distinguish (good and bad); part or subdivision; fraction; one tenth (of certain units); unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm; minute; a point (in sports or games); 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
6 分辨 fen1 bian4 to distinguish; to differentiate; to resolve; to defend against an accusation; to exculpate
5 分别 fen1 bie2 to part or leave each other; to distinguish; difference; in different ways; differently; separately or individually
5 分布 fen1 bu4 distributed; to distribute
6 分寸 fen1 cun5 propriety; appropriate behavior; proper speech or action; within the norms
5 纷纷 fen1 fen1 one after another; in succession; one by one; continuously; diverse; in profusion; numerous and confused; pell-mell
6 吩咐 fen1 fu4 to tell; to instruct; to command
6 分红 fen1 hong2 a bonus; to award a bonus
6 分解 fen1 jie3 to resolve; to decompose; to break down
6 分裂 fen1 lie4 to split up; to divide; to break up; fission
6 分泌 fen1 mi4 secrete
6 分明 fen1 ming2 clearly demarcated; sharply contoured
5 分配 fen1 pei4 to distribute; to assign; to allocate
6 分歧 fen1 qi2 difference (of opinion, position); bifurcation
6 分散 fen1 san4 scatter; disperse; distribute
6 分手 fen1 shou3 to split up; to break up
5 分析 fen1 xi1 to analyze; analysis; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 …分之… fen1 zhi1 used for fractions and percentages, e.g. 四分之一 is 1/4 and 百分之一 is 1%
1 分钟 fen1 zhong1 minute
6 坟墓 fen2 mu4 sepulcher; tomb
6 粉末 fen3 mo4 fine powder; dust
6 粉色 fen3 se4 white; light pink; erotic; beautiful woman; powdered (with make-up)
6 粉碎 fen3 sui4 crash; break up
4 fen4 part; share; portion; copy; classifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc
5 奋斗 fen4 dou4 to strive; to struggle
6 分量 fen4 liang4 weight; measure
5 愤怒 fen4 nu4 angry; indignant
6 风暴 feng1 bao4 storm; violent commotion; fig. crisis (e.g. revolution, uprising, financial crisis etc)
6 封闭 feng1 bi4 to seal; to close; to confine; to seal off; to close down; sealed; confined; closed; unreceptive
6 风度 feng1 du4 elegance (for men); elegant demeanor; grace; poise
4 丰富 feng1 fu4 rich; plentiful; abundant
5 风格 feng1 ge2 style
6 风光 feng1 guang1 scene; view; sight; landscape; to be well-regarded; to be well-off; grand (topolect); impressive (topolect)
6 封建 feng1 jian4 system of enfeoffment; feudalism; feudal; feudalistic
4 风景 feng1 jing3 scenery; landscape; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 疯狂 feng1 kuang2 madness; extreme popularity
6 锋利 feng1 li4 sharp (e.g. knife blade); incisive; to the point
6 丰满 feng1 man3 plentiful; rich; plump; well-rounded
6 风气 feng1 qi4 general mood; atmosphere; common practice
6 风趣 feng1 qu4 humor; wit; humorous; witty
6 丰盛 feng1 sheng4 rich; sumptuous
6 丰收 feng1 shou1 bumper harvest
5 风俗 feng1 su2 social custom; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 封锁 feng1 suo3 to blockade; to seal off
6 风土人情 feng1 tu3 ren2 qing2 local conditions and customs (idiom)
6 风味 feng1 wei4 local flavor; local style
5 风险 feng1 xian3 risk; venture; hazard
6 feng2 to meet by chance; to come across; to fawn upon
5 讽刺 feng3 ci4 to satirize; to mock; irony; satire; sarcasm
6 奉献 feng4 xian4 to consecrate; to dedicate; to devote
5 否定 fou3 ding4 to negate; negative (answer); CL:個/个[ge4]
6 否决 fou3 jue2 veto; to overrule; to veto; to reject
5 否认 fou3 ren4 to declare to be untrue; to deny
4 否则 fou3 ze2 if not; otherwise; else; or else
6 夫妇 fu1 fu4 a (married) couple; husband and wife; CL:對/对[dui4]
6 夫人 fu1 ren5 lady; madam; Mrs.; CL:位[wei4]
6 敷衍 fu1 yan3 to elaborate (on a theme); to expound (the classics); perfunctory; to skimp; to botch; to do sth half-heartedly or just for show; barely enough to get by
5 fu2 width; roll; classifier for textiles or pictures
5 fu2 to support with hand; to help sb up; to help
5 服从 fu2 cong2 to obey (an order); to comply; to defer
6 幅度 fu2 du4 width; extent; range; scope
6 符号 fu2 hao4 symbol; mark; sign
4 符合 fu2 he2 in keeping with; in accordance with; tallying with; in line with; to agree with; to accord with; to conform to; to correspond with; to manage; to handle
6 福利 fu2 li4 (material) welfare; well-being
6 俘虏 fu2 lu3 captive
6 服气 fu2 qi4 to be convinced; to accept
6 福气 fu2 qi5 good fortune; to enjoy good fortune
6 辐射 fu2 she4 radiation
2 服务员 fu2 wu4 yuan2 waiter; waitress; attendant; customer service personnel; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 服装 fu2 zhuang1 dress; clothing; costume; clothes; CL:身[shen1]
6 腐败 fu3 bai4 corruption; corrupt; rotten
5 辅导 fu3 dao3 to coach; to tutor; to give advice (in study)
6 腐烂 fu3 lan4 to rot; to become gangrenous
6 腐蚀 fu3 shi2 corrosion; to corrode (degrade chemically); to rot; corruption
6 腐朽 fu3 xiu3 rotten; decayed; decadent; degenerate
6 抚养 fu3 yang3 to foster; to bring up; to raise
6 俯仰 fu3 yang3 looking up and down; actions; being obliging
6 辅助 fu3 zhu4 to assist; to aid; supplementary; auxiliary; subsidiary
4 fu4 rich; surname Fu
6 fu4 secondary; auxiliary; deputy; assistant; vice-; abbr. for 副詞/副词 adverb; classifier for pairs
6 负担 fu4 dan1 burden; to bear a burden
6 覆盖 fu4 gai4 to cover
6 附和 fu4 he4 to parrot; to crib; to copy sb's action or words; to trail sb's footsteps; copy-cat
6 复活 fu4 huo2 to bring back to life; to revive; resurrection
6 附件 fu4 jian4 enclosure; attachment (email); appendix
3 附近 fu4 jin4 (in the) vicinity; nearby; neighboring; next to
5 付款 fu4 kuan3 pay; payment
5 妇女 fu4 nv3 woman
4 父亲 fu4 qin1 father; also pr. with light tone [fu4 qin5]; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 附属 fu4 shu3 subsidiary; auxiliary; attached; affiliated; subordinate; subordinating
3 复习 fu4 xi2 to revise; to review; revision; CL:次[ci4]
6 腹泻 fu4 xie4 diarrhea; to have the runs
6 复兴 fu4 xing1 to revive; rebirth
4 复印 fu4 yin4 to photocopy; to duplicate a document
6 赋予 fu4 yu3 to assign; to entrust (a task); to give; to bestow
6 富裕 fu4 yu4 abundant; affluent; richness; affluence
4 复杂 fu4 za2 complicated; complex
4 负责 fu4 ze2 to be in charge of; to take responsibility for; to be to blame; conscientious
5 复制 fu4 zhi4 to duplicate; to make a copy of; to copy; to reproduce; to clone
6 副作用 fu4 zuo4 yong4 side effect
4 改变 gai3 bian4 to change; to alter; to transform
5 改革 gai3 ge2 to reform; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 改进 gai3 jin4 to improve; to make better; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 改良 gai3 liang2 improve
5 改善 gai3 shan4 to make better; to improve; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 改正 gai3 zheng4 to correct; to amend; to put right; correction; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 gai4 lid; top; cover; canopy; to build
5 概括 gai4 kuo4 to summarize; to generalize; briefly; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 概念 gai4 nian4 concept; idea; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 盖章 gai4 zhang1 to affix a seal (to sth)
4 干杯 gan1 bei1 to drink a toast; Cheers! (proposing a toast); Here's to you!; Bottoms up!; lit. dry cup
5 干脆 gan1 cui4 straightforward; clear-cut; blunt (e.g. statement); you might as well; simply
6 尴尬 gan1 ga4 awkward; embarrassed
6 干旱 gan1 han4 drought; arid; dry
3 干净 gan1 jing4 clean; neat
6 干扰 gan1 rao3 to interfere; obstruction
6 干涉 gan1 she4 to interfere; to meddle; interference
6 甘心 gan1 xin1 to be willing to; to resign oneself to
6 干预 gan1 yu4 to meddle; to intervene; intervention
4 干燥 gan1 zao4 to dry (of weather, paint, cement etc); desiccation; dull; uninteresting; arid
3 gan3 to dare; daring; (polite) may I venture
4 感动 gan3 dong4 to move (sb); to touch (sb emotionally); moving
5 感激 gan3 ji1 to express thanks; grateful; moved to gratitude
5 赶紧 gan3 jin3 hurriedly
4 感觉 gan3 jue2 to feel; to become aware of; feeling; sense; perception; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 感慨 gan3 kai3 lament; with a tinge of emotion or regret
5 赶快 gan3 kuai4 at once; immediately
3 感冒 gan3 mao4 to catch cold; (common) cold; CL:場/场[chang2],次[ci4]
4 感情 gan3 qing2 feeling; emotion; sensation; likes and dislikes; deep affection for sb or sth; relationship (i.e. love affair); CL:個/个[ge4],種/种[zhong3]
6 感染 gan3 ran3 infection; to infect; to influence
5 感受 gan3 shou4 to sense; perception; to feel (through the senses); a feeling; an impression; an experience
5 感想 gan3 xiang3 impressions; reflections; thoughts; CL:通[tong4],個/个[ge4]
4 感谢 gan3 xie4 (express) thanks; gratitude; grateful; thankful; thanks
5 gan4 to work; to do; to manage
5 干活儿 gan4 huo2 r5 to work; manual labor
6 干劲 gan4 jin4 enthusiasm for doing sth
6 gang1 to raise aloft with both hands
3 刚才 gang1 cai2 just now; a moment ago
6 刚刚 gang1 gang1 just recently; just a moment ago
6 纲领 gang1 ling3 program; guiding principle
5 钢铁 gang1 tie3 steel
6 港口 gang3 kou3 port; harbor
6 港湾 gang3 wan1 natural harbor; bay serving as harbor
6 岗位 gang3 wei4 a post; a job
6 杠杆 gang4 gan3 lever; pry bar; crowbar; financial leverage
2 gao1 high; tall; above average; loud; your (honorific); surname Gao
6 高超 gao1 chao1 excellent; superlative
6 高潮 gao1 chao2 high tide; high water; upsurge; climax; orgasm; chorus (part of a song)
5 高档 gao1 dang4 superior quality; high grade; top grade
6 高峰 gao1 feng1 peak; summit; height
4 高级 gao1 ji2 high level; high grade; advanced; high-ranking
6 高考 gao1 kao3 college entrance exam; abbr. for 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試/普通高等学校招生全国统一考试[pu3 tong1 gao1 deng3 xue2 xiao4 zhao1 sheng1 quan2 guo2 tong3 yi1 kao3 shi4]
6 高明 gao1 ming2 wise; brilliant; superior
6 高尚 gao1 shang4 nobly; lofty
5 高速公路 gao1 su4 gong1 lu4 expressway; highway; freeway
1 高兴 gao1 xing4 happy; glad; willing (to do sth); in a cheerful mood
6 高涨 gao1 zhang3 upsurge; (tensions etc) run high
5 gao3 to do; to make; to go in for; to set up; to get hold of; to take care of
6 稿件 gao3 jian4 rough draft; material contributing to a final document
5 告别 gao4 bie2 to leave; to bid farewell to; to say good-bye to
6 告辞 gao4 ci2 to take leave
6 告诫 gao4 jie4 to warn; to admonish
2 告诉 gao4 su5 to tell; to inform; to let know
6 ge1 to cut; to cut apart
6 ge1 to place; to put aside; to shelve
5 胳膊 ge1 bo5 arm; CL:隻/只[zhi1],條/条[tiao2],雙/双[shuang1]
6 疙瘩 ge1 da5 swelling or lump on skin; pimple; knot; preoccupation; problem
2 哥哥 ge1 ge5 older brother; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4]
6 歌颂 ge1 song4 sing the praises of; extol; eulogize
5 鸽子 ge1 zi5 pigeon; dove; various birds of the species Columbidae
5 隔壁 ge2 bi4 next door
6 隔阂 ge2 he2 estrangement
6 格局 ge2 ju2 structure; pattern; layout
6 隔离 ge2 li2 to separate; to isolate
5 革命 ge2 ming4 revolution; revolutionary (politics); CL:次[ci4]
6 格式 ge2 shi4 form; specification; format
5 格外 ge2 wai4 especially; particularly
1 ge4 individual; this; that; size; classifier for people or objects in general
4 ge4 each; every
5 个别 ge4 bie2 individual; specific; respective; just one or two
5 个人 ge4 ren2 individual; personal; oneself
6 各抒己见 ge4 shu1 ji3 jian4 everyone gives their own view
6 个体 ge4 ti3 individual
5 个性 ge4 xing4 individuality; personality
6 各自 ge4 zi4 each; respective; apiece
4 个子 ge4 zi5 height; stature; build; size
2 gei3 to; for; for the benefit of; to give; to allow; to do sth (for sb); (passive particle)
5 gen1 root; basis; classifier for long slender objects, e.g. cigarettes, guitar strings; CL:條/条[tiao2]; radical (chemistry)
3 gen1 heel; to follow closely; to go with; to marry sb (of woman); with; towards; as (compared to); from (different from); and (in addition to)
5 根本 gen1 ben3 fundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all; CL:個/个[ge4]
3 根据 gen1 ju4 according to; based on; basis; foundation; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 跟前 gen1 qian2 in front of; close to; nearby; the time just before
6 根深蒂固 gen1 shen1 di4 gu4 deep-rooted (problem etc)
6 跟随 gen1 sui2 to follow
6 根源 gen1 yuan2 origin; root (cause)
6 跟踪 gen1 zong1 to follow sb's tracks; to tail; to shadow
6 耕地 geng1 di4 arable land; to plow land
6 更新 geng1 xin1 to replace the old with new; to renew; to renovate; to upgrade; to update; to regenerate
6 更正 geng1 zheng4 to correct; to make a correction
5 geng4 even more; furthermore
5 更加 geng4 jia1 more (than sth else); even more
6 公安局 gong1 an1 ju2 Public Security Bureau
5 公布 gong1 bu4 to announce; to make public; to publish
6 供不应求 gong1 bu4 ying4 qiu2 supply does not meet demand
5 工厂 gong1 chang3 factory; CL:家[jia1],座[zuo4]
5 工程师 gong1 cheng2 shi1 engineer; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
6 公道 gong1 dao4 justice; fairness; public highway
6 宫殿 gong1 dian4 palace; CL:座[zuo4]
6 工夫 gong1 fu5 time; skill
5 功夫 gong1 fu5 skill; art; kung fu; labor; effort
6 公告 gong1 gao4 post; announcement
2 公共汽车 gong1 gong4 qi4 che1 bus; CL:輛/辆[liang4],班[ban1]
6 公关 gong1 guan1 public relations
6 攻击 gong1 ji1 to attack; to accuse; to charge; an attack (terrorist or military)
6 供给 gong1 ji3 to furnish; to provide; supply (as in supply and demand)
2 公斤 gong1 jin1 kilogram (kg)
6 恭敬 gong1 jing4 deferential; with respect
4 工具 gong1 ju4 tool; instrument; utensil; means (to achieve a goal etc)
5 公开 gong1 kai1 public; to publish; to make public
6 功课 gong1 ke4 homework; assignment; task; classwork; lesson; study; CL:門/门[men2]
6 攻克 gong1 ke4 to capture; to take
6 功劳 gong1 lao2 contribution; meritorious service; credit
4 公里 gong1 li3 kilometer
6 公民 gong1 min2 citizen
5 功能 gong1 neng2 function; capability
5 公平 gong1 ping2 fair; impartial
6 公婆 gong1 po2 husband's parents; parents-in-law
6 公然 gong1 ran2 openly; publicly; undisguised
5 工人 gong1 ren2 worker; CL:個/个[ge4],名[ming2]
6 公认 gong1 ren4 publicly known (to be); accepted (as)
6 公式 gong1 shi4 formula
2 公司 gong1 si1 (business) company; company; firm; corporation; incorporated; CL:家[jia1]
6 公务 gong1 wu4 official business
6 功效 gong1 xiao4 efficacy
5 工业 gong1 ye4 industry; CL:種/种[zhong3]
6 工艺品 gong1 yi4 pin3 handicraft article; handiwork; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 公寓 gong1 yu4 apartment building; block of flats; CL:套/套[tao4]
5 公元 gong1 yuan2 (year) AD; Christian era
3 公园 gong1 yuan2 public park; CL:場/场[chang3]
6 公正 gong1 zheng4 just; fair; equitable
6 公证 gong1 zheng4 notarization; notarized; acknowledgement
5 公主 gong1 zhu3 princess
4 工资 gong1 zi1 wages; pay; CL:個/个[ge4],份[fen4],月[yue4]
1 工作 gong1 zuo4 job; work; construction; task; CL:個/个[ge4],份[fen4],項/项[xiang4]
6 巩固 gong3 gu4 to consolidate; consolidation; to strengthen
6 共和国 gong4 he2 guo2 republic
6 共计 gong4 ji4 to sum up to; to total
6 共鸣 gong4 ming2 physical resonance; sympathetic response to sth
4 共同 gong4 tong2 common; joint; jointly; together; collaborative
5 贡献 gong4 xian4 to contribute; to dedicate; to devote; contribution; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 勾结 gou1 jie2 to collude with; to collaborate with; to gang up with
5 沟通 gou1 tong1 communicate
6 钩子 gou1 zi5 hook
1 gou3 dog; CL:隻/只[zhi1],條/条[tiao2]
4 gou4 to reach; to be enough
5 构成 gou4 cheng2 to constitute; to form; to compose; to make up; to configure (computing)
6 构思 gou4 si1 to outline a story; to make a preliminary sketch
4 购物 gou4 wu4 shopping
4 孤单 gu1 dan1 lone; lonely; loneliness
6 孤独 gu1 du2 lonely; solitary
6 辜负 gu1 fu4 to fail to live up (to expectations); unworthy (of trust); to let down; to betray (hopes); to disappoint
5 姑姑 gu1 gu5 paternal aunt; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 估计 gu1 ji4 to estimate; to reckon; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 孤立 gu1 li4 isolate; isolated
5 姑娘 gu1 niang5 girl; young woman; young lady; daughter; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 姑且 gu1 qie3 temporarily; the time being; for the moment; provisional; tentatively
5 古代 gu3 dai4 ancient times; olden times
5 古典 gu3 dian3 classical
6 股东 gu3 dong1 shareholder; stockholder
6 古董 gu3 dong3 curio; antique
6 鼓动 gu3 dong4 to agitate; to arouse; to instigate; to encite
6 股份 gu3 fen4 a share (in a company); stock
6 骨干 gu3 gan4 diaphysis (long segment of a bone); fig. backbone
6 古怪 gu3 guai4 eccentric; grotesque; oddly; queer
5 古老 gu3 lao3 ancient; old; age-old
4 鼓励 gu3 li4 to encourage
5 股票 gu3 piao4 share; stock (market)
5 骨头 gu3 tou5 bone; strong character; CL:根[gen1],塊/块[kuai4]
5 鼓舞 gu3 wu3 heartening (news); boost (morale); CL:個/个[ge4]
4 鼓掌 gu3 zhang3 to applaud; to clap
5 固定 gu4 ding4 fixed; set; regular
4 顾客 gu4 ke4 client; customer; CL:位[wei4]
6 顾虑 gu4 lv4 misgivings; apprehensions
6 固然 gu4 ran2 admittedly (it's true that…)
5 故事 gu4 shi5 story; tale; narrative
5 固体 gu4 ti3 solid
6 顾问 gu4 wen4 adviser; consultant
6 故乡 gu4 xiang1 home; homeland; native place; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 故意 gu4 yi4 deliberately; on purpose
5 雇佣 gu4 yong1 to employ; to hire
6 固有 gu4 you3 intrinsic to sth; inherent; native
6 故障 gu4 zhang4 malfunction; breakdown; defect; shortcoming; fault; failure; impediment; error; bug (in software)
6 固执 gu4 zhi5 persistent; stubborn
3 刮风 gua1 feng1 to be windy
4 gua4 to hang or suspend (from a hook etc); (of a telephone call) to hang up; to be worried or concerned; to make a phone call (topolect); to register or record; to hitch; classifier for sets or clusters of objects
5 挂号 gua4 hao4 to register (a letter etc)
5 guai1 (of a child) obedient, well-behaved; clever; shrewd; alert; perverse; contrary to reason; irregular; abnormal
5 拐弯 guai3 wan1 to go round a curve; to turn a corner; fig. a new direction
6 拐杖 guai3 zhang4 crutches; crutch; walking stick
5 怪不得 guai4 bu5 de5 lit. you can't blame it!; no wonder!; so that's why!
3 guan1 mountain pass; to close; to shut; to turn off; to concern; to involve
5 guan1 official; government; organ of body; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 关闭 guan1 bi4 to close; to shut
5 观察 guan1 cha2 to observe; to watch; to survey; to examine; observation; view; perspective; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 观点 guan1 dian3 point of view; viewpoint; standpoint; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 官方 guan1 fang1 official; (by the) government
6 观光 guan1 guang1 to tour; sightseeing; tourism
5 关怀 guan1 huai2 care; solicitude; to show care for; concerned about; attentive to
4 关键 guan1 jian4 crucial point; crux; CL:個/个[ge4]; key; crucial; pivotal
5 观念 guan1 nian4 notion; thought; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions
3 关系 guan1 xi4 relation; relationship; to concern; to affect; to have to do with; guanxi; CL:個/个[ge4]
3 关心 guan1 xin1 to care for sth; caring; concerned
3 关于 guan1 yu2 pertaining to; concerning; regarding; with regards to; about; a matter of
6 关照 guan1 zhao4 to take care; to keep an eye on; to look after; to tell; to remind
4 观众 guan1 zhong4 spectators; audience; visitors (to an exhibition etc)
4 管理 guan3 li3 to supervise; to manage; to administer; management; administration; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 管辖 guan3 xia2 to administer; to have jurisdiction (over)
5 管子 guan3 zi3 tube; pipe; drinking straw; CL:根[gen1]
6 guan4 can; jar; pot
6 贯彻 guan4 che4 to implement; to put into practice; to carry out
6 灌溉 guan4 gai4 to irrigate
5 冠军 guan4 jun1 champion; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 惯例 guan4 li4 conventional
5 罐头 guan4 tou5 tin; can; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 guang1 light; ray; CL:道[dao4]; bright; only; merely; to use up
6 光彩 guang1 cai3 luster; splendor; radiance; brilliance
5 光滑 guang1 hua5 glossy; sleek; smooth
6 光辉 guang1 hui1 radiance; glory; brilliant; magnificent
5 光临 guang1 lin2 (honorific) Welcome!; You honor us with your presence.; It is an honor to have you.
6 光芒 guang1 mang2 rays of light; brilliant rays; radiance
5 光明 guang1 ming2 light; illumination; radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc); fig. bright prospect; openhearted
5 光盘 guang1 pan2 compact disc; CD or DVD; CD ROM; CL:片[pian4],張/张[zhang1]
5 光荣 guang1 rong2 honor and glory; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 广播 guang3 bo1 broadcast; widely spread; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 广场 guang3 chang3 a public square (e.g. Tiananmen Square); plaza; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 广大 guang3 da4 (of an area) vast or extensive; large-scale; widespread; (of people) numerous
5 广泛 guang3 fan4 extensive; wide range
4 广告 guang3 gao4 to advertise; a commercial; advertisement; CL:項/项[xiang4]
6 广阔 guang3 kuo4 wide; vast
4 guang4 to stroll; to visit
4 规定 gui1 ding4 provision; to fix; to set; to formulate; to stipulate; to provide; regulation; rule; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 规范 gui1 fan4 norm; standard; specification; regulation; rule; within the rules; to fix rules; to regulate; to specify
6 规格 gui1 ge2 standard; norm; specification
6 归根到底 gui1 gen1 dao4 di3 (saying) to sum it up…
6 规划 gui1 hua4 plan; program
6 归还 gui1 huan2 to return sth; to revert
5 规矩 gui1 ju5 lit. compass and set square; fig. established standard; rule; customs; practices; fig. upright and honest; well-behaved
5 规律 gui1 lv4 rule (e.g. of science); law of behavior; regular pattern; rhythm; discipline
5 规模 gui1 mo2 scale; scope; extent; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 归纳 gui1 na4 to sum up; to summarize; to conclude from facts; induction (method of deduction in logic)
5 规则 gui1 ze2 rule; regulation; rules and regulations
6 规章 gui1 zhang1 rule; regulation
6 轨道 gui3 dao4 orbit; railway or tram line; fig. conventional way of thinking
2 gui4 expensive; noble; your (name); precious
6 gui4 kneel
5 柜台 gui4 tai2 sales counter; front desk; bar
6 贵族 gui4 zu2 lord; nobility; nobleman; noblewoman; aristocrat; aristocracy
5 gun3 to boil; to roll; get lost (imperative); take a hike
6 棍棒 gun4 bang4 club
5 guo1 pot; pan; boiler; CL:口[kou3],隻/只[zhi1]
6 国防 guo2 fang2 national defense
5 国籍 guo2 ji2 nationality
4 国际 guo2 ji4 international
3 国家 guo2 jia1 country; nation; state; CL:個/个[ge4]
5 国庆节 Guo2 qing4 jie2 PRC National Day (October 1st)
6 国务院 Guo2 Wu4 Yuan4 State Council (PRC); State Department (USA)
6 果断 guo3 duan4 firm; decisive
4 果然 guo3 ran2 really; sure enough; as expected
5 果实 guo3 shi2 fruit; gains
3 果汁 guo3 zhi1 fruit juice
2 guo4 to pass (time); to celebrate (a holiday); to live; to get along
4 过程 guo4 cheng2 course of events; process; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 过度 guo4 du4 excessive; over-; excess; going too far; extravagant; intemperate; overdue
6 过渡 guo4 du4 to cross over (by ferry); transition; interim; caretaker (administration)
5 过分 guo4 fen4 excessive; undue; overly
6 过奖 guo4 jiang3 to over-praise; to flatter
6 过滤 guo4 lv4 to filter; filter
5 过敏 guo4 min3 to be allergic; allergy
5 过期 guo4 qi1 to be overdue; to exceed the time limit; to expire (as in expiration date)
3 过去 guo4 qu5 (in the) past; former; previous; to go over; to pass by
6 过失 guo4 shi1 defect; fault
6 过问 guo4 wen4 to show an interest in; to get involved with
6 过瘾 guo4 yin3 to satisfy a craving; to get a kick out of sth; gratifying; immensely enjoyable; satisfying; fulfilling
6 过于 guo4 yu2 too much; excessively
5 guo5 (experienced action marker); to cross; to go over
5 ha1 laughter; yawn; abbr. for Kazakhstan
6 hai1 oh alas; hey!; hi! (loanword)
2 hai2 still; still in progress; still more; yet; even more; in addition; fairly; passably (good); as early as; even; also; else
3 还是 hai2 shi4 or; still; nevertheless
2 孩子 hai2 zi5 child
6 海拔 hai3 ba2 height above sea level; elevation
6 海滨 hai3 bin1 shore; seaside
5 海关 hai3 guan1 customs (i.e. border crossing inspection); CL:個/个[ge4]
5 海鲜 hai3 xian1 seafood
4 海洋 hai3 yang2 ocean; CL:個/个[ge4]
3 害怕 hai4 pa4 to be afraid; to be scared
4 害羞 hai4 xiu1 blush; shy
6 含糊 han2 hu5 obscurity; vague
4 寒假 han2 jia4 winter vacation
6 寒暄 han2 xuan1 exchanging conventional greetings; to talk about the weather
6 含义 han2 yi4 meaning (implicit in a phrase); implied meaning; hidden meaning; hint; connotation
5 han3 call; cry; to shout
6 罕见 han3 jian4 rare; rarely seen
4 han4 perspiration; sweat; CL:滴[di1],頭/头[tou2],身[shen1]; Khan (Persian or Mongol king or emperor); Khan (name); to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment etc) (Internet slang used as an interjection)
6 捍卫 han4 wei4 defend; uphold; safeguard
1 汉语 Han4 yu3 Chinese language; CL:門/门[men2]
4 航班 hang2 ban1 scheduled flight; flight number; plane; scheduled sailing; sailing number; passenger ship
6 航空 hang2 kong1 aviation
6 行列 hang2 lie4 procession
6 航天 hang2 tian1 space flight
6 航行 hang2 xing2 to sail; to fly; to navigate
5 行业 hang2 ye4 industry; business
5 豪华 hao2 hua2 luxurious
6 豪迈 hao2 mai4 bold; open-minded; heroic
6 毫米 hao2 mi3 millimeter
6 毫无 hao2 wu2 not in the least; none whatsoever; completely without
1 hao3 good; well; proper; good to; easy to; very; so; (suffix indicating completion or readiness)
2 好吃 hao3 chi1 tasty; delicious
4 好处 hao3 chu5 benefit; advantage; gain; profit; also pronounced hao3 chu4; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 好像 hao3 xiang4 as if; to seem like
2 hao4 day of a month; (suffix used after) name of a ship; (ordinal) number
6 耗费 hao4 fei4 to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander
6 好客 hao4 ke4 hospitality; to treat guests well; to enjoy having guests; hospitable; friendly
4 号码 hao4 ma3 number; CL:堆[dui1],個/个[ge4]
5 好奇 hao4 qi2 inquisitive; curious
6 号召 hao4 zhao4 to call; to appeal
1 he1 to drink; to shout (a command); My goodness!
6 he1 to scold in a loud voice; to yawn
1 he2 and; together with; with; sum; union; peace; harmony; surname He; Japanese related; Taiwan pr. han4
3 he2 river; CL:條/条[tiao2],道[dao4]
6 和蔼 he2 ai3 kindly; nice; amiable
5 何必 he2 bi4 there is no need; why should
6 合并 he2 bing4 to merge; to annex
6 合成 he2 cheng2 to compose; to constitute; compound; synthesis; mixture; synthetic
5 合法 he2 fa3 lawful; legitimate; legal
4 合格 he2 ge2 qualified; meeting a standard; eligible (voter)
6 合乎 he2 hu1 to accord with; conforming to
6 合伙 he2 huo3 to act jointly; to form a partnership
6 和解 he2 jie3 to settle (a dispute out of court); to reconcile; settlement; conciliation; to become reconciled
5 何况 he2 kuang4 much less; let alone
5 合理 he2 li3 rational; reasonable; fair
6 和睦 he2 mu4 peaceful relations; harmonious
5 和平 he2 ping2 peace
6 和气 he2 qi5 friendly; polite; amiable
6 合身 he2 shen1 well-fitting (of clothes)
4 合适 he2 shi4 suitable; fitting; decent; to fit
6 合算 he2 suan4 worthwhile; be a good deal; be a bargain; reckon up; calculate
5 合同 he2 tong5 (business) contract; CL:個/个[ge4]
6 和谐 he2 xie2 harmonious
5 核心 he2 xin1 core; nucleus
5 合影 he2 ying3 joint photo; group photo
4 盒子 he2 zi5 case
5 合作 he2 zuo4 to cooperate; to collaborate; to work together; cooperation; CL:個/个[ge4]
2 hei1 black; dark; abbr. for Heilongjiang 黑龍江/黑龙江 province in northeast China
6 hei1 hey
3 黑板 hei1 ban3 blackboard; CL:塊/块[kuai4],個/个[ge4]
6 痕迹 hen2 ji4 vestige; mark; trace
1 hen3 (adverb of degree); quite; very; awfully
6 狠心 hen3 xin1 callous; heartless
5 hen4 to hate; to regret
6 恨不得 hen4 bu5 de2 wishing one could do sth; to hate to be unable; itching to do sth; can't wait for; to wish one could do sth; to desire strongly
6 heng1 to groan; to snort; to hum; to croon; humph!
5 heng2 horizontal; across; (horizontal character stroke)
6 hong1 roar of laughter (onomatopoeia); hubbub; to roar (as a crowd)
6 hong1 to bake; to heat by fire
6 轰动 hong1 dong4 sensation; stir
2 hong2 bonus; popular; red; revolutionary
6 红包 hong2 bao1 lit. money wrapped in red as a gift; a bonus payment; a kickback; a bribe
6 宏观 hong2 guan1 macro-; macroscopic; holistic
6 洪水 hong2 shui3 deluge; flood
6 宏伟 hong2 wei3 grand; imposing; magnificent
6 喉咙 hou2 long2 throat; larynx
4 猴子 hou2 zi5 monkey; CL:隻/只[zhi1]
6 hou3 roar or howl of an animal; bellow of rage
4 hou4 thick; deep or profound; kind; generous; rich or strong in flavor; to favor; to stress
6 后代 hou4 dai4 posterity; later periods; later ages; later generations
6 后顾之忧 hou4 gu4 zhi1 you1 fears of trouble in the rear (idiom); family worries (obstructing freedom of action); worries about the future consequences; often in negative expressions, meaning “no worries about anything”
5 后果 hou4 guo3 consequences; aftermath
4 后悔 hou4 hui3 to regret; to repent
4 后来 hou4 lai2 afterwards; later
6 后面 hou4 mian4 rear; back; behind; later; afterwards
6 后勤 hou4 qin2 logistics
6 候选 hou4 xuan3 candidate
6 忽略 hu1 lve4 to neglect; to overlook; to ignore
4 忽然 hu1 ran2 suddenly; all of a sudden
5 忽视 hu1 shi4 to neglect; to ignore
5 呼吸 hu1 xi1 to breathe
6 呼啸 hu1 xiao4 to whistle; to scream; to whiz
6 呼吁 hu1 yu4 to call on (sb to do sth); to appeal (to); an appeal
5 hu2 pot; classifier for bottled liquid
5 蝴蝶 hu2 die2 butterfly; CL:隻/只[zhi1]
6 胡乱 hu2 luan4 careless; reckless; casually; absent-mindedly; at will; at random; any old how
6 湖泊 hu2 po1 lake
5 胡说 hu2 shuo1 to talk nonsense; drivel
5 胡同 hu2 tong4 lane; alley; CL:條/条[tiao2]
5 糊涂 hu2 tu5 muddled; silly; confused
5 胡须 hu2 xu1 beard; CL:根[gen1],綹/绺[liu3]
6 互联网 hu4 lian2 wang3 the Internet
4 护士 hu4 shi5 nurse; CL:個/个[ge4]
4 互相 hu4 xiang1 each other; mutually; mutual
3 护照 hu4 zhao4 passport; CL:本[ben3],個/个[ge4]
3 hua1 to spend (money, time); flower
5 花生 hua1 sheng1 peanut; groundnut; CL:粒[li4]
3 花园 hua1 yuan2 garden; CL:座[zuo4],個/个[ge4]
5 滑冰 hua2 bing1 to skate; skating
5 划船 hua2 chuan2 to row a boat; rowing boat; rowing (sport)
6 华丽 hua2 li4 gorgeous
6 华侨 hua2 qiao2 overseas Chinese; CL:個/个[ge4],位[wei4]
5 华裔 hua2 yi4 ethnic Chinese; non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry
3 hua4 to draw; picture; painting; CL:幅[fu2],張/张[zhang1]
6 化肥 hua4 fei2 fertilizer